Liberty County firefighters assisting in emergency water operation for Baytown hospital

Capt. Jacob Boul with Liberty County ESD 3 delivers water Tuesday night to keep Houston Methodist Baytown Hospital in operation. The water delivery was organized by Mont Belvieu Emergency Operations Center.

Firefighters from Liberty County ESD 3 (Westlake area) and Dayton, along with firefighters from Crosby, Cove, Old River and Beach City volunteer fire departments, on Tuesday night assisted in an operation headed by the Mont Belvieu Emergency Operations Center to supply water to the Houston Methodist Baytown Hospital.

According to Jeff Choate, deputy emergency management coordinator for the City of Mont Belvieu, the Mont Belvieu EOC was contacted Tuesday by the Southeast Texas Regional Advisory Council to coordinate the water delivery with the hospital facing a critical shortage.

Firefighters from Dayton and Liberty County ESD 3 spent Tuesday evening delivering water to Houston Methodist Baytown Hospital.

“We contacted Public Works department and they said they could support the water delivery. From there, I reached out to Beach City, Cove, Old River VFDs and Liberty County ESD 3 because they have tankers and could transport the water to the hospital. We sent our fire marshal to the hospital to be the liaison,” Choate said.

To have an adequate supply of water for the hospital, the tankers were expected to make multiple deliveries within a 3-4 hour operational period, Choate said. The water is expected to see the hospital through the next 12 hours until its normal water supply can be stabilized.

“We are putting the water into the hospital’s system right now. They have some type of tank where they are able to accept the city water for the hospital system,” Choate said. “We were told that if we weren’t able to make this happen, they would have to evacuate the hospital.”

Choate said this was a situation where government and private groups, along with first responders, came together to solve an issue that kept a critical part of infrastructure in operation.

Dayton Fire Chief Adam Pisserelle helped with the water delivery Tuesday night.

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