Pct. 5 Constable’s Office investigating reports of explosion in the Tarkington area Saturday

Hundreds of people Saturday night took to social media to report hearing the sound of a loud explosion that appears to have originated in the Tarkington area. Residents as far as Moss Hill, Liberty, Rye and Shepherd say they heard the rumble from the explosion around 10:30 p.m. Saturday night.

Many residents shared with Bluebonnet News that they have heard explosions every Saturday night for the last few weeks with the most recent being the loudest and most widespread.

Pct. 5 Constable David Hunter is now trying to pinpoint where the explosions are being set off and is asking for the public’s help in identifying persons of interest.

Currently Hunter is working on the assumption that the person is either using Tannerite, a legal, binary explosive target favored by hunters and outdoorsmen, and sold at sporting goods stores, or other explosive materials. Tannerite consists of two components that must be mixed together, then ignited by a bullet or shotgun blast. Hunter said he knows of situations where Tannerite has been used to blow up tree stumps.

“If it’s Tannerite, it’s not illegal to purchase and set off unless it becomes a nuisance to others. Setting it off at night is definitely a public nuisance,” Hunter said.

The person allegedly setting off the Tannerite at night, if it’s proven to be a public nuisance, could be cited for Disorderly Conduct, a Class C misdemeanor.

“Disorderly Conduct is usually a ticketable offense but we can arrest people for it depending on the situation,” he said.

When asked if there are other possible causes for the explosion sounds that were heard, Hunter said he is looking at all possibilities.

“I am seeking the public’s help with whatever tips and information they have. That explosion was so big and traveled so far, so many people heard it. Someone has to know something,” he said. “I believe that whoever is doing this is trying to get attention. Well, guess what? You got my attention.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Hunter at his office by calling 281-593-3189 or his County cell phone at 281-761-5749.

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