Dayton man arrested on drug, firearms charges

A raid of a Dayton home by law enforcement reportedly uncovered a large quantity of drugs, cash and three handguns.

An investigation into the distribution of methamphetamines has led to the arrest of 41-year-old Jesus Manuel “Jesse” Quiroz of Dayton. Quiroz was arrested by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit and the Sheriff’s Special Response Team after an investigation into activities at the home.

Following an investigation, authorities obtained a search warrant and raided the home around 6:30 p.m. on March 18.

Quiroz, Jesus Manuel

According to a statement from Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader, LCSO investigators discovered that Harris County had Quiroz documented as a “Surenos 13” criminal gang member. At the time of his arrest, he was reportedly found to be in possession of approximately 7 grams of suspected crystal meth.

During a search of his residence, they reportedly located three semi-automatic handguns in Quiroz’s bedroom. Quiroz is a convicted felon and is prohibited from possessing a firearm, the statement continued.

Investigators also reportedly found multiple digital scales and packaging materials commonly used for the distribution of narcotics, Rader added. A search of his vehicle reportedly uncovered a duffle bag containing three large, clear bags of crystal meth, weighing approximately 2.48 pounds, along with Xanax tablets.

Due to the large amount of narcotics and the handguns, Quiroz is charged with Manufacture or Delivery of a Controlled Substance (meth), Manufacture or Delivery of a Controlled Substance (Xanax) and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon.

Quiroz was arrested and booked in at the Liberty County Jail. Bonds set by the judge total $60,000.


  1. Why such a low bail for an obvious bad guy that has proven he has no intentions of following the law? As a taxpayer I would rather pay the expenses of keeping him incarcerated than to allow him back on the streets to kill and ruin the lives of LC residents. He has $60,000 in his “petty cash” fund and will immediately bail out and continue peddling poison to the children in our community. We wonder why there is so much violence these days and this is one of the reasons why. No respect for the law or law enforcement. Seems like judges do not use common sense when deciding bail. Why not send a message to all drug dealers and their POS attorneys that Liberty County IS NOT the place to sell drugs. Any convicted felon that is caught with a firearm should not be allowed back on the streets. Keep this predator behind bars where he belongs!

  2. I don’t think they said they found fire arms on person. I believe they said that they found fire arms in the the house where they assume he lived while he was already obtained for what they thought was 7 grams of methane that alone is a huge difference I would be more worried about getting them help because the obviously they have a drug problem so they vicious cycle doesn’t repeat itself . It sounds to me like your throwing strong hurtful words about him and his freedom after you reading two paragraphs that is a one way statements. I believe that is are bigger problem with are young people is there being taught to have to have opinions on subjects that they have half the facts on. But that’s just my opinion it’s no cold hard fact and obvious the bonds low because the evidence was weak like I said he had already been obtained for a drug attacks amount.I just wouldn’t be so willing to send someone down the river like that are to have such a big opinion alpha two paragraphs that’s just me though Mike.

  3. This is America where everyone is entitled to have an opinion even those with wrong opinions……at least that is how our Constitution was constructed to work. The PC police are working to change that. Fact is,some people are bad people without a moral compass, conscience or heart and will never be anything else until the day they die. That is indisputable and as much as we all wish it were not so, it is the truth and at some point in your life you will mature, acquire wisdom and accept that realization. Those who never encounter and are never affected (yet) by drugs and violence often have trouble understanding this and incorrectly think anyone and everyone can be “rehabilitated”. Judges are expected by the citizenry to possess and use common sense and NOT turn these incorrigible, dangerous individuals back out on an unsuspecting, law-abiding society when it is apparent that the bad actors will re-offend because they have proven that to be the case. These judges often employ very poor decision making skills or perhaps have a very weak backbone (lack of courage) or could even be corrupt. Presently there are no consequences for their poor decisions and they know it. Meanwhile people like this particular individual (dope pusher, convicted felon in possession of multiple firearms, large quantity of meth and a known gang banger) are set free to prey on normal, hard working, law abiding, tax paying people just trying to live their life in peace and do right who then get entangled in the evil acts or actions of these bad people.

    • These remarks are from someone who is ignorant to the world around them maybe this guy needs to go to jail then maybe all the normal people that YOU think are Decent get away with it. You do know we have all walks of life that either do drugs and keep drug dealers in business or they sell drugs it could be your neighbor,your Doctor, or even a family member all I’m saying is take a close look around you before you go passing judgement only God knows who’s true at heart .

  4. All of y’all don’t know what ur talking about an I believe this is a open case so I would keep my mouth shut

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