Life Flight direct phone installed at LCSO dispatch

Pictured left to right are 911 Dispatcher Tiffany Hall, Life Flight Telecommunicator Bree Johnson, Life Flight Flight Paramedic Joshua Cools, and 911 Dispatcher Tammy Beam.

Memorial Hermann Life Flight is proud to partner with Liberty County Sheriff’s Office to reduce the time for life-saving care to arrive for the citizens of our county.

Life Flight staff installed a direct ring-down phone at Liberty County Sheriff’s Office to provide dispatchers direct access by simply lifting to the phone handset of the phone with no dialing needed, and 911 Dispatchers are automatically connected to Hermann Memorial Life Flight.

This not only reduces the time for an aircraft to be launched but allows for other telecom communications to be available as needed since the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office 911 dispatchers will no longer tie up one of the normal incoming/outgoing phone lines to call for Life Flight.

Liberty County Sheriff’s Office is the second 911 communications center to receive this sort of communications between a 911 Communications center and Life Flight directly.

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