Letter to the editor: Plum Grove mayor responds to phone call revelations from council meeting

To the community,

Plum Grove is a diverse and growing city surrounded by the largest and fastest-growing subdivision in Liberty County. Our small town has 400 citizens and the neighbors surrounding us have almost 20,000 people.

As mayor, it is my job to lead this city and do the best I can to advance the goals of our city and our citizens. Yes, I do talk to Mr. [Trey] Harris [with Colony Ridge]. However, I certainly do not discuss any litigation whatsoever with him.

Yes, I do talk to the county officials of Liberty County. As mayor, I must talk to those people to try to move our city agenda forward and find solutions to our issues.

No matter how much we dislike it, the County is not going away and neither are Mr. Harris’ subdivisions. Years of stonewalling and not talking to reach resolutions has gotten us to this point.

Hating that subdivision owner is not going to solve Plum Groves problems; only thoughtful productive conversation is. I will always work to better Plum Grove and north Liberty County. Blaming everyone in the end is not going to fix one thing. We must pull up our boots and make the hard decisions that we must to fix our problems.

Mary Arrendell
Mayor of Plum Grove, Texas

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  1. I might would believe her explanation, had she not failed to include the city council on her calls to the developer her friend William “Trey” Harris III and then tried so hard to silence our city’s *paid consultant* Wayne Dolcefino during last Monday night’s meeting… that in itself finally hung her in my eyes sorry to say.

    If our mayor (who nobody voted for because her opponent died of cancer before last November’s election I must remind everyone!) is against Wayne Dolcefino and his consulting firm who our city hired to HELP US, then she is also against The City of Plum Grove and against ME!

    There are clearly 2 sides here in Plum Grove, and you are either on my side (along with Mr. Dolcefino and a LOT of other really good people) or you are on Trey Harris’ side. Given that Trey Harris has sued every one of our city officials EXCEPT Mayor Arrendell, there is no middle ground here anymore.

    I’m no longer sitting on the fence, I’m calling for this mayor to resign IMMEDIATELY! She has a clear conflict of interest due to her friendship with the developer William “Trey” Harris III! Her actions speak far louder than her words! We need a mayor that will fight for US, the residents of the City of Plum Grove TX!

    ps. As far as I know nobody has complained about Mayor Arrendell having phone calls or other contacts with Liberty County Officials, that is the mayor’s job…. though we would like our city’s STOLEN PROPERTY RETURNED by the county immediately! Where’s the story on our city’s stolen property Vanesa? :-\

      • Lee I still find our location to be confusing myself…. we are as far West as you can go in this county besides Cleveland, Montgomery County line is just a stones throw across the East Fork of the river here. So why would we be considered to be in South Liberty County?

  2. I don’t know but has anyone thought that MAYBE she just likes “talking” to the ol’boy and wanted to keep it a “secret” as far as their “personal” life goes 😉?? Like I said, I don’t know so don’t take anything I say as facts. Or maybe she just has to stay in contact with him/them as she said? Who knows right?

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