Liberty County marriage licenses for February 2021

The following people were issued marriage licenses by the Liberty County Clerk’s Office in the month of February 2021:

  • Freddie Marshall Barney and Myra Jean Caldwell
  • Sherelyn Kay Johnson and Robert Anthony Wilson
  • Getrudis Lemus and Francisco Lopez
  • Charles Lee Frese and Dee D Butler
  • Joseph Dale Miller Jr. and Amanda Renee Hawkins
  • Christopher Dale Blansett and Judith Marie Cisnero
  • Katie Abbie and Chad Wayne McLean Jr.

  • Trevor Ray Limmer and Hannah Josephine Williams
  • Wesley Sylvan Chapman and Madai Garcia-Pedraza
  • Sergio Leal Pena and Margarita Gallegos
  • Hannah Ruth Richardson and Oscar Geovanni Zuniga Estrada Jr.
  • Duward Benjamin Rex Jr. and Louise Little Starks
  • Harlie Dianne Bush and Tyler Lynn Head
  • Mario Casiano Candelas and Nancy Vanessa Cisneros
  • Autumn Rodabaugh and Corey Carter

  • Colby Andrew Boden and Madison Nicole Daic
  • Ryan Allen Wright and Xena Nicole Torres
  • Phillip Wayne Cook Jr. and Latara Sheleck Dever
  • Frankie Jaymes Hantz and Emily Cheyanne Fregia
  • Albert Lilly Jr. and Barbara Louise Clemons
  • Raymond Edward Zurenda Jr. and Mary Elizabeth Furlong
  • Christopher Steven Ludwig and Marty Mignon Lacy

  • Donovan Ramirez and Jennifer Nino Aranda
  • Ty Raphael Pafford and Jaqueline Yamileth Gonzalez
  • Cesar Godinez and Lizbeth Andrio
  • Collin Scott Kelley and Raigen Beth Hermanson
  • Sean Christopher Spencer and Aurora Dawn Dible
  • Ronald Earl Savitsky and Ruby Hunnicutt

  • Ramiro Martinez and Katie Ellen Bernard
  • James Edward Leverette and Ashley Ann Catchings
  • Jason Keith Elmore and Dorothy Jewel Frautschi
  • Kevin Ryan McDonnel and Calynn Rene Owens

Note: Bluebonnet News overlooked the month of February 2021, an error that was kindly pointed out by readers. The list for December 2020 was also unintentionally overlooked and will be posted to the website.

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