Texas governor signs bill to ban critical race theory

Texas Governor Greg Abbott

On Wednesday, June 16, Texas Governor Abbott signed into law HB 3979, which bans critical race theory.

“Our bill is the best in nation,” said Rep. Steve Toth (R-The Woodlands). “With HB 3979, Texas will protect students and teachers from racial stereotyping and scapegoating. On the other hand, Illinois is actually firing teachers who don’t teach their students this hateful nonsense.”

According to a joint statement from Toth and Senator Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe), HB 3979 is one of the strongest protections from Critical Race Theory in the country. The bill strengthens the civic knowledge of students in Texas by requiring an understanding of the foundations of the United States and promotes harmony in the classroom by prohibiting the teaching of racial superiority or collective guilt. 

Florida’s board of education prohibits the 1619 Project and it’s underlying tenets from being taught in schools and requires an understanding of the U.S. Constitution.   

Oklahoma also prohibits the concepts of Critical Race Theory in schools but fails to prohibit the 1619 Project from being taught, dark money from funding teacher training, and a prohibition on school credit for action civics.

Texas is the only state to have passed a prohibition on school credit for “action civics,” sometimes referred to as “protest civics.”

“With the passage of HB 3979, Critical Race Theory, the disproved 1619 Project and any Marxist curriculum pushed by the Biden Administration will be kept out of Texas classrooms, said Sen. Creighton.  “Texas teachers and Texas students deserve the best history and civics education, rather than a dangerous political agenda forced into the classroom.”  

“At a time when racial tensions are at a boiling point,” said Rep. Toth, “we don’t need to burden our kids with guilt for racial crimes they had nothing to do with. Our students are stressed enough already and don’t need one more reason to feel inadequate.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott

“Our bill bolsters the teaching of the founding principles of our nation and prevents works of fiction from being taught as history,” said Rep. Toth, referring to the bill’s prohibition on teaching The 1619 Project. “We need to teach true historical facts, warts and all. We have an encouraging history of improvement and we need to share that message with our kids. In America, success is determined by your work, not your skin color. That’s what we need to teach. We are grateful for Governor Abbott’s leadership.” 

Steve Toth is a small business owner representing South Montgomery County in the Texas House of Representatives. Toth has been a contributor on CNN, Fox News, Fox Business News, OAN, and KTRH.

Brandon Creighton served in the Texas House from 2006-2014 and was first elected to the Texas Senate in 2014.  He serves as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Higher Education and the Senate Select Committee on Texas Ports.  Creighton also serves on the committees on Business & Commerce, Finance, Jurisprudence, Water, Agriculture & Rural Affairs, and the Senate Special Committee on Constitutional Issues.

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  1. Yeah, about this “critical race theory”, it’s too hyper focused on African American slavery, discriminations, and the segregations etc., making it seem like all white people are bad and they’re all racists and that African Americans are the only people in world history that has suffered from these types of monstrous atrocities. If you pick up a history book and do research you’ll see that EVERY “race” has owned slaves and EVERY “race” has suffered the same vile injustices and unthinkable cruelties since the beginning of time. I’ve read several stories and claims written by African Americans that state that THEY were the Pharoes and Queens of Egypt, they were the noble and royalties and warriors and conquerers and ruled upper and lower Egypt and were praised as gods and goddesses, well that’s all good and true probably BUT it’s a fact that they owned slaves and ruled over them very harshly, maliciously, murderously and relentlessly for CENTURIES and unrepentant of their crimes against humanity of MANY races, religions and nationalities!! An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. If we can’t learn from the past and learn to forgive and be kind and see with new eyes that we are ONE race created equal and hold each other’s hands and ALL take a step forward together into a better future as one, then there is no point in having a tomorrow…

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