Dayton PD: No arrest yet in road rage incident

The window glass is shot out on one of four vehicles involved in a road rage incident on Thursday, July 15. Dayton police are investigating.

Dayton Police Department is still investigating a suspected road rage incident involving four vehicles that allegedly began around 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 15, in Mont Belvieu and ended up at the Fuel Maxx station on FM 1413 at SH 146 in Dayton with gunshots being fired by one of the drivers involved in the incident.

After shots were fired at the Dayton Fuel Maxx store, the road rage incident reportedly continued with one of the other three drivers chasing after the Lexus as it fled the store. The two vehicles reportedly traveled south into the Baytown area where a rolling gun battle ensued.

According to Det. Terri Hughes, a spokesperson for Dayton PD, the case is still under investigation, though she believes the driver of the Lexus SUV will be the one charged with Deadly Conduct and Hit and Run.

“We only have one suspect for the charges at this time. There is potential for more arrests though,” she said.

Hughes said the Lexus driver and his passenger have been uncooperative with detectives.

In the first report of this road rage incident, an anti-Biden political bumper sticker was alleged to have been the catalyst between the Lexus driver and the three other vehicles – driven by a father, son and the son’s friend who were on their way home from work.

When asked about those claims, Det. Hughes said that the motive is not the issue for investigators.

“It doesn’t matter why it happened. It did and it shouldn’t have happened,” she said.

As soon as charges are filed and an arrest is made, Bluebonnet News will post an updated article.

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