Liberty County commissioners approve resolution asking that Plum Grove Road be FM highway

On any given day, Plum Grove Road is congested with traffic. Most of the traffic is the result of the new subdivisions south of Plum Grove. (File photo)

In the first step of what will likely be a very long process, Liberty County Commissioners Court on Tuesday, Aug. 24, approved a resolution asking the Texas Department of Transportation to make Plum Grove Road a farm-to-market highway. The section of Plum Grove Road mentioned in the resolution is from FM 1010 to FM 1485 through the heart of the City of Plum Grove.

The County’s resolution now will be forwarded to Senator Robert Nichols (Texas Senate District 3) who represents Liberty County and 18 other Southeast Texas counties. Nichols also is the chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee.

Following Tuesday’s meeting, Liberty County Judge Jay Knight explained that the County’s resolution will be shared with the City of Plum Grove, City of Cleveland and Cleveland ISD to be used as a guide for other resolutions should those entities decide to back the plan.

“I think that Senator Nichols will want resolutions from all of us. What that does is show our support for this project and what we want to transpire,” said Knight.

Knight said Segments H and I-1 of the Grand Parkway, a 35-mile, two-lane toll road from US 59 North at New Caney to US 90 near Dayton and on to I-10 East near Mont Belvieu, will be finished long before any work begins on the proposed farm-to-market highway. Those segments of Grand Parkway have a projected completion date of Spring 2022. The Grand Parkway segments will alleviate some, but not all, of the traffic currently on Plum Grove Road as a result of the Colony Ridge communities.

These fast-growth communities have added thousands of new residents to that area within a few short years and tens of thousands of lots are still under development or are being sold.

“My assessment is that we are looking at a three to five-year project for a new farm-to-market road. TxDOT will have to find funding for it and then there will be the process of surveys and land acquisitions for right-of-ways. I have confidence in Senator Nichols that he can make things happen for Liberty County,” Knight said.

Pct. 3 Commissioner David Whitmire voted in favor of the resolution as did the three other county commissioners.

“We’ve done our part now. It will be a long, drawn-out process but I think it will be better for all involved,” he said.

The poor condition of Plum Grove Road was brought up by resident Mildred Sowell during public comments at the meeting. She complained that the City of Plum Grove has barricaded parts of Plum Grove Road slated for repairs and future repairs. Sowell suggested that the City has received funding from FEMA and state grants, and from property taxes collected from residents, but has not used the funds wisely. She complained that they used City funds instead to install speed bumps that are causing damage to people’s vehicles.

“They have spent all of our money on other things,” she said.

The City of Plum Grove was contacted for comment; however, at the time this story was posted, calls were not returned and emails were unanswered.

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  1. Yea and they pay the secretary to sit at the city hall and do nothing. Also 4 of the speed bumps are in front of her house and two are in front of the old mayor. They should do away with the city council since they are about as useful as joe biden

    • Only comment facts, speed bumps are not in front of the previous mayors house. Also if there wasn’t any speed bumps people would drive like crazy idiots. I don’t care if the road don’t get repaired because it keeps traffic slow. People drive like it’s a interstate out here

    • Actually the City Secretary works very hard for her city. Anyone who says differently is very misinformed, a liar or just a trouble maker. Do better!

      • My new vehicle has been severely damaged from these “speed bumps”. It clearly marked you cannot see them when the sun is shining. And they are not done properly. They are not in code of what a speed bump should be. And where they are placed my vehicle could fly into a pedestrian they are so bad. Very life threatening.

  2. So your proposed resolution to make plum grove road a farm to market road and have the State come in and basically replace the entire road because the City of Plum Grove and old mayor spent all the citizens of plum grove’s money on other things than road maintenance and then force Liberty County to help pay to repair it due to growth and lack of money in bank used up by the old mayor. And of course Judge Knight wants to pass the buck onto the State because he’s not spending county money very well either, must be kin to old plum grove mayor, what’s next Judge Knight, mandatory vaccines too. Knight needs a room in the old folks home right next to Biden.

  3. Just moved here from Illinois to leave high taxes and bad governmental policies behind. Retired with my wife to be close to family . And I have been all over the country. The worst roads WERE in Illinois. Until now. This Plum Grove Road/Colony Ridge “selection” of roads is the worst I have seen in 66 years! It is not that difficult. Throw a tax levy on all large trucks using the light use roads. Designate a couple of the roads as main. Then immediately get to work. Use Emergency funding to get one done, There are funds available from different sources right now. Use the tax collected on the heavy trucks to begin the process on road 2. Taxes disappear when 2 roads are finished. Fines then imposed on violations.

  4. With the road being converted to an fm, will the landowners whose land will be needed be exempt from higher taxes due to the development? What happened to our police officer and the enforcement of traffic laws? Newly repaired road destroyed by heavy traffic while a development profits from it. If land will be needed to concert to a farm to market road, required land should be compensated at future commercial value with a tax cap to all whom land is acquired of.

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