Dayton ISD superintendent shares info on new programs for students

Larry Wadzeck and Dr. Jessica Johnson are pictured at the Aug. 30 meeting of the Dayton Historical Society.

Dayton Historical Society held its monthly gathering Monday, Aug. 30, at Parker Hall, with President Danny Bode calling the meeting to order at 6 p.m.  Following the prayer given by Johnny Miller and the pledges led by Cathy Harbour, several reports were given by Mary Ellen Conner, Cynthia Miller, and Caroline Wadzeck.

Program Chairman Larry Wadzeck introduced the evening’s speaker who is also a Society member, Dr. Jessica Johnson, superintendent of DISD. 

Johnson began her very informative program about the school district with statistics such as the area included in the school district is 262 square miles; 60 school buses travel over 4,000 miles per day making 4 runs each – two morning and two afternoon and disinfecting in between each run; the schools have a ‘one to one device’ policy, meaning each student has his/her own lap-top for school and home use; the last bond election took place in 2014; and many more.

Johnson discussed the factors that public schools face which affect everything they do from a myriad of mandates, teacher shortages, and growth.  Last but not least were COVID-19 issues.

Johnson introduced DISD Director of Multilingual Programs, Abbie Cumbie, who talked about an exciting new program initiated this school year – foreign language immersion for pre-K through elementary.

Dr. Johnson expounded on her “theme” for DISD staff and students – “Focus on growing every day.” She concluded her program by showing a powerful video with the message that we can’t control the world, but we can control our attitudes, words, and actions. 

After the meeting conclusion, attendees enjoyed the homemade cookies prepared by Cathy Harbour.

The next meeting of Dayton Historical Society will take place Sept. 27 at Parker Hall at 6 p.m. and the public is invited to attend. 

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