Convenience store clerk murdered in Liberty

Liberty Police and Texas Rangers are investigating the death of a convenience store clerk from a late night shooting on Monday, Sept. 6.

Around 10:30 p.m. Liberty police responded to a shooting at the Happy Chap’s store at the intersection of Hwy 90 and FM 563. 

According to Lt. Chip Fairchild, a spokesperson for LPD, upon arrival, police found that 22-year-old Gurjitpal Singh of Liberty had been shot to death while working at the store. City of Liberty EMS determined that Singh was deceased on their arrival.

The initial investigation by Liberty Police and Texas Rangers determined that Singh had been shot twice while behind the counter. 

There was several witnesses that gave statements and persons of interest have been identified.  Liberty County Pct. 1 Justice of the Peace Stephen Hebert conducted the inquest and ordered an autopsy be performed at the Jefferson County morgue. 

Liberty Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect in this case.  If you have any information, please call 936-336-5666.  Information can be kept anonymous. 


    • Standard procedure…. IF the state wants to secure a conviction, they must be able to prove what happened. An autopsy is the way you document facts as to what happened to a body/person/victim.

  1. We called him Sing. He was so sweet and nice. Just a big smiling teddy bear, lost his life at only 22. Just a kid still. Rest In Peace my friend. You will be missed.

  2. This should be a capital murder case and the person convicted should be executed in his own neighborhood so it would deter others from killing people who work for a living.

  3. He was a really cool guy, me and my boyfriend talked to him all the time. He was funny and he was quiet. Im sure he did nothing to deserve what happened to him.
    You would never think that working at a convenient store could be so dangerous. I work at a convenient store myself and this scares the s*** out of me!!!!

  4. Hopefully this perp will resist with a weapon when cornered and will get put down by PoPo lead (killed) …if captured expedite the trial and when found guilty a swift death to cold blooded murderers …….zero tolerance in my hood ……D Lawrence Liberty,Tx

  5. My sister in law works @ a convenient store in Liberty. They are not allowed to carry a gun…
    Maybe it would have had a different/better outcome if the worker were allowed to defend himself.

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