Liberty County firefighters deliver essential items to hurricane victims

Liberty County firefighters get ready to set out on a trip to Montegut, La., on Saturday. They delivered much-needed food, water and other essentials to help Hurricane Ida victims.

The outpouring of love and support for the community of Montegut, La., continued on Saturday, Sept. 6, with Liberty County firefighters delivering a trailer full of water, food, cleaning supplies and other items that will be needed as Hurricane Ida victims work to rebuild their lives.

Kenefick VFD Asst. Chief Cody Douzat, along with Lt. Koven Gillie of HWY 321 VFD and Ace Eberle with Kenefick VFD, made the trek to Montegut and witnessed firsthand the devastation that toppled trees and power poles, ripped off roofs and leveled many homes and businesses.

“It’s going to be a long recovery for the people in that town,” said Douzat.

Scene from the devastation in Montegut, La

With the community of Montegut at just 7 feet above sea level, the devastation could have been much worse.

“We didn’t get all the water damage that was predicted or else the people here wouldn’t have made it,” said Pastor Theresa Neil with New Life Christian Ministries in Montegut. “Grand Isle got the water and we got the wind.”

Looking right around her home, Neil can see at least five other homes that suffered major damage.

“I’ve never seen it like this where some many people’s homes are just gone. We don’t have water to take baths, no lights and no gas. I stood in line 11 hours yesterday to get gas at one of the only places that had it. If it wasn’t for some road signs that are still up, you wouldn’t even know where you were,” she said.

When the Liberty County firefighters arrived on Saturday, Neil was overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers.

“This was tremendous. These were the nicest fellas you could find anywhere. They were really lovely and had such joy to be helping us. We all worked together to empty the trailer,” she said. “People here are really going to appreciate all of the stuff that was donated by Texans. None of our stores are open. There is a limited supply of everything. People are not able to go to the store and buy what they normally need. We have a good bit of poor people in our community, so even if you can get to a store, it won’t matter if you have no money.”

Choking back emotions, Neil said the Liberty County residents, organizations and businesses who donated items will never know how much of a blessing they are to her community.

“People will never forget this,” she said.

New Life Christian Ministries will begin distributing the items to Montegut residents this week.

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