2 seriously injured in motorcycle pileup on SH 321

Two people were airlifted to a Houston area trauma center Saturday night after a three-motorcycle accident on SH 321 a mile south of FM 1008 between Tarkington and Dayton.

According to Sgt. Rob Willoughby, head of the Liberty County Department of Public Safety office, the three motorcycles were part of a larger group of motorcycles that were traveling southbound along SH 321 around 9:54 p.m.

“There were multiple motorcycles. They were coming back from a benefit somewhere. They began pulling over on the shoulder of the road for unknown reasons when one of the motorcycle – a trike – hit two other motorcycles. The driver and the passenger of the trike were seriously injured,” Willoughby said.

The driver of the trike, an unnamed 62-year-old Dayton man, and his passenger, a 59-year-old Dayton woman, were airlifted by LifeFlight to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston. The drivers of the other motorcycles – 36-year-old Earl Thrasher III, of Highlands, and River Goodwin, no age listed, of Houston, were not seriously injured. Goodwin was arrested for traffic warrants.

Willoughby said none of the motorcyclists involved in the accident were wearing helmets.

The accident is still being investigated by DPS.

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  1. That’s pretty sorry that you arrested a guy for a BS traffic warrant when two of his closest friends were laying on the ground severely injured

      • You know what! FU! If it were black nights, then what! Because they are officers it would be ok? One guy had a traffic ticket warrant.
        Karma…reap what u sew, buddy

  2. Lucky they all didn’t go to jail…. I stopped to help and they all smelt like alcohol…luckily they didn’t kill anyone else! They ALL should be ashamed…Leaving a fund raiser, raising money for a biker friend that lost his legs in a bike accident just weeks before then drink & drive. What the HELL were y’all thinking….???

    • None of you where there none of you saw what happened and who ever said they smelled of alcohol don’t know shit some of the group don’t drink so jkeep your red neck asshole options to your self

      • They had lunch at my house, which was a NON DRINKING EVENT! I know them all &
        This is nuts! The stereotypic bullshit that’s not F’N true nor fair to our family! They left my house around 5pm! THERE IS MO WAY WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO SAY IS TRUE! SO CAN IT! We have been through enough!

    • Not true, karma my friend. What happened to if you can’t say anything good don’t say anything at al! You are dragging good people thru the mud,
      I hope you get treated this way, when u are most vulnerable. Do you have a clue in 16 years of riding, how many deer, dogs, Hoggs, dead cows & debree we have had to maneuver around. On a dark highway? Non drinker! As are a bunch of us in that group.

      • You Tell them Billie. He would have never drove that trike drunk with Terrie on it. Such idiots think bikers drink. Not all of them. I know how much he loved Terrie and I am heartbroken at my friend’s loss. She will be greatly missed. My prayers are with the family. I am here for you all. Her son said to honor their privacy so I will do that. I know how much they are hurting. To the family I know, know that I am hurting with you and I am praying for you all. I will be there when you are ready for company.

  3. Well if even one person in the group had been drinking the whole group should not of let them get on a bike of any kind. If they didnt stop them frim driving intoxicated i hope they feel terrible because the passenger on the trike is mt sister Terri Lynn Locke Kudlemyer and she passed away yesterday morning from her injuries. So i hope if anyone was intoxicated they face the consequences.

    • Yea. If they had anything at all to drink. You do not
      Know them as I do. I’m tired of my family being drug they the mud. Karma…it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  4. I know a lot of the guys in this club. I don’t drink, and I’ve sat with them for hours AT A BAR where most of them didn’t have even one beer. Sure, some did, but most didn’t. My heart breaks for you losing your sister, but like her daughter said, she went out doing what she loved….riding with her husband. All of these comments bashing the others are uncalled for. THESE ASSHATS WEREN’T THERE!!!

  5. First of all sorry for your loss and respect to your family also however people shouldn’t judge other people they should pray for the families and the souls that were lost that day somebody died somebody’s mother daughter sister friend niece and whatever else she was to people God bless her soul and you’re right she died doing what she loved it seems like these people were very good people and I’m sure that it was just an accident as accidents happen every day pain should be still together not tear them apart people should lean on one another like that song Lean on me when You’re not Strong and I’ll be your friend I’ll help you carry on full he won’t be long I’m gone somebody to me now call on your brother when you need a hand cuz we all need somebody to lean on Lean on me

  6. Well for everyone that posted or thought it, i spoke to the DPS Trooper that worked the accident that night and is doibg the investigation into all the facts he told me he didn’t smell any alcohol on anyone during his questioning of all the riders it was simply a failure to control the speed and striking the bikes in front of them that caused their trike to flip. Since they wasn’t wearing a helmet head trauma lead to the death of my sister. So to save lives i hope all these bikers realize a helmet is a nessary thing next time they strattle the bike.

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