Large drug stash, guns found during raid south of Dayton

Garcia, Rafael Macedo

A Mexican national is facing drug and gun charges stemming from an early morning raid on Sept. 8 of his home on CR 487 off of FM 1413 south of Dayton.

The raid, a joint effort by Homeland Security, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, found a major cache of drugs and weapons inside the home of Rafael Macedo Garcia, 44, of Dayton.

According to sources in the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, items seized during the raid were 1,226 pounds of methamphetamine, 10 ounces of cocaine, 18 pounds of marijuana and 14 weapons.

Garcia is currently being held without bond in the Liberty County Jail.

Charges against him include two counts of Manufacture or Delivery of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Prohibited Weapons.

Garcia, who has arrests in Liberty County dating back to 2004 including a previous hold for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, has a current detainer order that will require him to be deported once again to Mexico after he serves time for the recent criminal charges, should be be convicted.


  1. After he serves his most likely long prison sentence in the US, he will be deported back to Mexico? So we as tax payers not only will be paying for his public defender. We will also be paying for his room and board. Wonder where those drugs came from? I hope that is made public.

  2. I’d rather pay to have him sit in prison for 30 years then be released to Mexico to just come back over here and cause our US children to overdose or destroy their life let em rot in prison! Take down all the damn cartels here it’s so disrespectful to come here and have the American dream but destroy Americans and wreck their lives. Bye dude!

    • Drug dealers are dime a dozen. It’s the good ole boys with deep pockets here in the USA that have your kids on drugs. They buy it by the boat loads, and make you believe south of the border people are the blame.clean your own house first.the real drug dealers are white collar executives,lawmakers , politicians. Sorry to bust your bubble.

  3. You people are idiots!! Addiction is a disease, not a crime. You overweight fat asses commenting to execute addicts….how about we execute anyone overweight as well? That will clear up 85% of the population!! If you are that ignorant, you should not be making comments!! The judicial system is clearly broken!! People who have done time or Probation for drug crimes cannot get good jobs. People who have spent most of their adult life locked up then make parole, they have no skills to support themselves in society. Prison is not the answer for drug addiction. Rehabilitation is!! And you just don’t get any form of rehabilitation or life skills in Prison. The sentences imposed, especially by smaller counties, like Montgomery County for instance, are often ridiculously severe just because someone has a past record. That screams they need help!! Not lock them away for 45 years because they evaded the police. Reform the judicial system and give people a fighting chance to be productive members of society!! Parole & Probation are all about the money!! Those hired to supervise offenders do not care what they are out here doing, as long as their fees/fines are paid. It is pathetic and a disgrace to all Americans!! Why is it other countries do not have problems with their systems, but we do? STFU if you can’t say anything constructive!!

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