New house number ordinance going into effect in Dayton

The Dayton City Council on Monday, Sept. 20, approved a new ordinance that requires homeowners and building owners to properly display their address numbers. The new rule should help provide a shorter response time for emergency responders and maintenance workers.

“Displaying your address correctly allows for citizens to receive the best possible service. Emergency and maintenance services do not have to waste their time looking for an address and [are] able to minimize time looking and maximize time performing their job,” according a statement from the City of Dayton.

The building and house numbers must be easy to read and should be a minimum of three and a half inches in height.

Dayton Fire Chief Adam Piserelle believes that in some situations firefighters spend more time looking for a home than providing help in an emergency.

The new city ordinance follows the guidelines of the International Fire Code and International Building Code, which were both previously adopted by Dayton City Council.

Homeowners and property owners will have a two-week grace period before they are out of compliance.

“We do not anticipate heavy enforcement. We are expecting voluntary compliance from homeowners and property owners,” said Assistant City Manager Kim Judge.

The full version of the city ordinance can be found on the City’s website,, or by stopping by city hall, 117 Cook Street, Dayton.

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