Liberty man sentenced to 7 years for crash

A Liberty County jury on Sept. 28 sentenced Christopher Michael Vogler, 33, to 7 years in prison after finding him guilty of the felony offense of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and 2 years probation for Failure to Stop and Render Aid for a motor vehicle crash that occurred on March 24, 2019, south of Liberty, Texas. The Honorable Judge Mark Morefield, 75th Judicial District Court, presided over the two-day trial.

Prosecutors Kevin Barnes and Kayla Herrington presented evidence that Vogler, after discharging a weapon at a residence in Mont Belvieu, fled the scene at a high rate of speed. After entering Liberty County and reaching speeds in excess of 90 miles per hour, he collided with a vehicle occupied by two seventeen-year-old females who were merely crossing the street. The jury heard testimony from numerous witnesses who responded to the scene and placed a total of eight calls to 911. Vogler made no attempt to personally aid the girls at the scene, nor attempted to place any calls for assistance. Witnesses recalled Vogler’s attitude toward the young ladies, repeatedly referring to them using vulgar language, even as the injured driver remained trapped inside her vehicle.  

Video footage was presented of Vogler’s attempt to flee the scene, his efforts thwarted by the quick and courageous acts of bystanders who removed him from his vehicle and held him until law enforcement arrived. Trooper Daniel Hebert, first responder, testified regarding the severity of the situation, immediately requesting assistance from Life Flight after assessing the driver’s condition. Suffering a broken jaw, collar bone, pelvis and sustaining a spinal injury, the driver testified of the months she spent confined to a wheelchair and then learning to walk again. She further testified that she is still undergoing surgeries and is in a great deal of pain every day. After just two hours of deliberation, the jury returned its verdict.

District Attorney Jennifer Bergman Harkness and ADA Kevin G. Barnes are pleased with the outcome of the case.

“Most of us have been in car accidents, and most car accidents are just that: accidents. What Vogler did was beyond the pale. Vogler failed to meet the most basic and fundamental standards of human decency that we, as a society, expect. Further, his behavior after the wreck was appalling. I do not understand how any person could look at that 17-year-old girl, her broken body, bleeding, and trapped in her vehicle, crying out for her mama, and treat her life with such contempt. Vogler would have left her there to die, and I thank God the good people of Liberty County stepped up and saved her. Vogler deserves every minute he serves in prison,” said Barnes.

“Today, this jury sent a clear message to Christopher Michael Vogler and anyone else who chooses to repeatedly make bad decisions, refuses to take accountability for their actions, and demonstrates that they have no concern or regard for those that are seriously injured as a result of those bad decisions.  Serious consequences await them in Liberty County. The Liberty County District Attorney’s Office and the Juries of Liberty County have, and will, continue to hold those who wreak havoc in our County accountable for their actions,” said Bergman.


  1. 7 Years is nothing! With all Mexicans moving it want be log till this County goes back to Democrat! We get real justice around here!

  2. What justice it was a car accident I want running from the cops I grew up in kenifick where no one is going to call the police for one gun shot I left speeding because I just caught my wife cheating but I had a shit lawyer and couldn’t tell my side of the story because of a minor theft charge from 12 years ago and as far as the not trying to aid I didn’t have my phone it was lost in my truck after the accident and I had already seen there were several people on the phone with the police, the girls ran a stop sign coming off 770 crossing 563 they were going 3 miles an hour all they had to do was touch the breaks and they could have easily avoided causing this I went from 92 to 45 before I hit them and time to steer away they never even attempted to react I GOT RAILROADED the prosecutor had 1.5 days worth of evidence my defense was done in 15 minutes he didn’t bring a single note or anything so lesson learned if you don’t have the money to properly defend yourself be ready to spend time in prison also let this be noted the victims family has since contacted me and told me they don’t think I should go to prison

      • I wasn’t cheating. I’d already left him three days prior. He was trying to come to my sisters house to beg me to come home yet proceeded to pull a gun to his head telling me I would watch him kill himself if I didn’t come back.
        Had a friend stop by to make sure I was ok Bc they knew the mental abuse he was and still is putting me through. My friends motorcycle was shot by him instead of himself…
        He has his girlfriend checking up on my social media but refused to sign divorce papers. Smh. And this is definitely not his first one either… And yet I still do not wish ill upon either of them. I just pray for him. Always will.

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