Local attorneys renewing efforts for Liberty County Bar Association

Members of the Liberty County Bar Association gathered for a group photo on Wednesday, Oct. 20, in the 75th State District Courtroom in the Liberty County Courthouse.

The Liberty County Bar Association’s attorney-members met Wednesday, Oct. 20, for the first time in years in an effort to get the non-profit organization active again in the community. The Bar Association, like many others, had been unable to meet due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Liberty County Assistant County Attorney Farrah Harper, who is also the LCBA president, “Yesterday was a big push to get things going again. We want to do our best to reach out and get everyone involved.”

Wednesday’s luncheon, which offered an opportunity for a group photo in the 75th State District Courtroom, was organized and provided by the attorneys and staff of the Liberty-based law firm of Sullins and Johnston, Harper said.

Harper added that she is grateful to Sullins and Johnston’s push in getting the Bar Association going again.

“There are things we want to do for the community and to make programs available to Bar members. One of the purposes of the Bar is to provide Continuing Legal Education courses and information to Bar members. At one time, the Bar was responsible for conducting mock trials in local schools, and I would love to see us doing this again,” Harper said.

Every year, attorneys are required to complete a certain number of CLE credits. Having the courses available locally will be beneficial to the attorney-members who will not have to travel to classes outside the area.

Currently, the Liberty County Bar Association has around 35 members who pay the $35 in annual dues, Harper said.

“A lot of our members are in Liberty County but we also have attorneys who practice law in Liberty County who are from Chambers, Harris, Polk and Montgomery counties. We want those folks included, too,” she said.

For more information on the Liberty County Bar Association, email farrahhernandez@yahoo.com.

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