Letter to the editor: Vote for hospital district will provide quick access to medical care

By C. Bruce Stratton, president of Liberty County Hospital District No. 1

The Board of the Liberty County Hospital District, together with the Liberty Dayton Regional Hospital personnel and consultants, have held no less than 10 community forums in recent weeks to inform the public of plans for a new hospital and clinic for our area. We welcomed the opportunity to further respond to questions about our plans for a new hospital and clinic in our communities.

The current hospital administration and personnel provide a superior service to our communities even during the recent challenges of the Covid Pandemic.  Regular assessments from state and federal regulators confirm this excellence.  However, challenges exist with the 70 year only building itself. 

Heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems are not readily replaced or repaired and temporary “fixes” are costly.  The current limitations on the land-locked space and configuration make it difficult, if not impossible, to add technology that is expected and needed by our patients.

A new hospital would eliminate these infrastructure problems; add capacity to existing services and support new ones. The location – a 35-acre property that was donated at no cost to the district or taxpayers – is convenient to all corners of the county and offers room to add additional  service providers and professional offices. The new clinic just north of downtown Dayton offers a convenient alternative for urgent care, lab testing, diagnostic imaging and exams, services that are needed for this growing community.

Your approval and your vote FOR Propositions A and B will enable you and your family to have quick access to a nearby emergency room equipped to handle surgical, diagnostic, and rehab services close to home along with state of the art facilities for patient care.

We are aware that information on the internet has attempted to mislead the public about the true facts about providing a new hospital in Liberty and clinic in Dayton.  Here are some examples:

  • FACT – Any increase of the tax rate, regardless of the amount, requires a positive vote of the entire District
  • FACT – This is the first tax increase requested in over 15 years and it is for a specific item, a new hospital. You are voting on your future and that of your children. The location of the hospital is central to the entire District, not positioned for a few. 
  • FACT – Should our tax rate be raised to 18 cent, this Hospital District would have one of the lowest tax rates of any hospital district in the State.

You have the opportunity to create a local top grade medical facility centrally located to serve your family for years to come. This will be your hospital whose earnings will stay with us to make further improvements.  Unlike a private facility whose earnings leave the county along with its operations, if it so chooses.

Vote YES to Propositions A & B.


  1. We need a new hospital for families and especially older citizens instead of shuttling back and forth to Houston! PLEASE VOTE YES ON PROP A & B for a new hospital and clinic in our area!

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