Liberty County Jail announces promotions

Five correctional officers working for the Liberty County Jail have been promoted. Four were selected for the rank of Corporal and one has been selected for the position of Sergeant. 

According to Jail Administrator Ann Marie Mitchell, all have proven leadership ability and a high level of integrity.

Of the correctional officers promoted, Mitchell said, “Sgt. Victoria Hortman has compassion and is steadfast as well as reliable. Coming from a background in home health care, she has a heart of gold and strength of character.  Cpl. Christopher Hernandez has a high level of discipline and professionalism.  He comes from a military background and it shows in his courtesy and ethics.  Cpl. Rhiannon Treece has been hardworking and trustworthy from the start of her career in corrections.  She is motivated to continue learning and always looks out for the welfare of others. 

She continued, “Cpl. Ella Townsend has a high level of technical knowledge in the field of corrections.  Her skills and abilities are exceptional and she is dedicated to the health and safety of each person within the facility.  Cpl. Allen McAdams is motivated and ambitious about his career in corrections.  He possesses the patience, skills, and knowledge to handle any situation that may arise.”

She added that she has complete confidence in their leadership potential. 

“Through their combined knowledge, skills, and leadership abilities, the Liberty County Jail will reach the next level of professionalism.  Each new supervisor will receive intense specialized training in leadership and supervision to prepare them for their new role.  They will also receive hands on supervisor training from highly experienced and qualified senior leadership,” she said. “I look forward to mentoring these new young leaders and wish them all successful careers in corrections with the Liberty County Jail.”  


  1. OMG!!!! SMH what a joke …. yes they are nice people but …. that entire jail is a joke and violations one after another on the daily! Corrupt to the core! Texas Commission of jail standards needs to close that jail down. Innocent people dying every day! Disgusting inhumane conditions! No protective custody for LGBT AT ALL! NO 24 HOUR MEDICAL. THE TORTURE TACTICS OUT OF CONTROL. EXCESSIVE USE OF UNNECESSARY FORCE. AND ALSO INFILTRATION OF CARTEL AND other gang affiliated sergeants ! Even female staff having sex with the inmates… etc… absolutely no staff watching inmates . Inmates run and control that jail. No phone access for most inmates. No medical or mental health treatment or rehabilitation program’s. No visits. No court. No law library. Innocent inmates Being Beat to near death! No grievances or request
    forms answered or responded to at ALL! MOST END UP IN THE TRASH . All constitutional rights have been violated. Over crowed. And let’s not even get started on the food! Most definitely violations of starvation un balanced diets. They hide the deaths from the public ! And trigger happy with pepper spray. I laid on a concrete floor for over 2 weeks with no matt or blanket IN A 12 FOOT HOLDING CELL EITH 8 OR MORE INMSTES AT A TIME , NO HYGIENE OR SHOWERS ALLEGEDLY DUE TO LACK OF BUDGET. No phone calls or proper food. A scoop of cold beans and a scoop of rice mush AND A BISCUIT FOR BREAKFAST. I lost over 20 pounds. By being starved. And not 1 time would they EVER GIVE ME MY MEDICATIONS. I WAS INCARERATED THERE FOR 1 MONTH RECENTLY . ON CORRUPT FALSE CHARGES PLACED ON ME BY LIBERTY COUNTY PRIVATELY CONTRACTED DEPUTIES FROM COLONY RIDGE, TERRENOS HOUSTON… FOR FILING COMPLAINTS. AND LAW SUITS … LIBERTY COUNTY IS THE MOST CORRUPT CROOKED PIECES OF TRASH I HAVE EVER WITNESSED! THEY MUST BE STOPPED

  2. What I want to know if why haven’t they posted that Rhiannon Treece has been fired for passing love notes to a inmate yet??? And what repercussions she will be facing?

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