Letter to the editor: Hospital District loss is loss for community

Dear editor,

The community was the big loser in the overwhelming defeat of the Hospital District bond proposal.  It was a unique opportunity for the citizens of southeast Liberty County to have a first class hospital of their own. 

For-profit hospitals in this area have come and gone and it is extremely doubtful that they will return to build a new hospital. That is the reason the District made the current effort. 

We wished first class healthcare for this area but you have chosen for it not to be.  The District will continue to look forward and provide healthcare services with the current facility and other means. 

We also express sadness for the failure of the school district bond issues, since education is the future of this country.  Many thanks for all who voted for these propositions.

C. Bruce Stratton, President

Liberty County Hospital District No. 1

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  1. Oh please🙄 Don’t even try to push the guilt on the people for not funding a shiny new hospital for the same low grade physicians that charge way more than they should for shoddy and lazy work! A REAL physician could provide first class care and true compassion from a mud hut if they were truly dedicated to helping people, but just about all the doctors today just want to roll their eyes at and doubt every patient, then do next to nothing for the patient and charge the patient for the inadequate care, lack of compassion, and wrongful judgement of a person’s character from the get-go, which only adds insult to injury (pun intended) Get your heads right… Maybe get some doctors who knows what they’re doing and actually cares about the people who put their trust in them and come to them for help, when you do that then we can discuss a new hospital for deserving physicians, nurses, techs, etc. You gotta give us something first before you get. It’s our turn to get something good for once in Liberty Tx. We’ve been giving and giving and giving and voting and voting and voting and doing and helping and getting down on our knees praying, but all of y’all in charge make it harder and harder and worse and worse, then y’all blame us. I wish for one year y’all could see and feel and be treated the way over half the people in this town get treated, regardless if your good or bad the treatment is the same… I promise you won’t like it. I promise you would be ashamed of yourselves. I promise you would really begin to understand the real stress and distrust and disgust and hopelessness we feel daily. I promise that afterwards you would advocate for the people and accept nothing less than the best for us and this town. Until you do something good for this community that really helps the people and it shows and lasts, then we will vote NO until you do.

  2. Not to mention the continued raising of property taxes despite the lack of upkeep in this town. Our roads are terrible with shoddy patchy fillers. And tell me why Beaumont road cannot be repaved? Also, heights street, which is used as a bus route and school freeway, is now riddled with potholes. This town disgusts with its “fuel charge” on our light bill, which raises it forty to 100 dollars each month. My family will be moving from here very soon.

  3. Misty, I’m Not being funny, but your prayers were answered with a new facility,more Doctors ,upgraded and up to date equipment. You characterized the entire staff as not caring about anyone.thats a wrong and not fair assessment.If you hate it that much go to a hospital out of town and bring your money with you, they’ll take it and if you do stop crying about Liberty hospital.next time you mash your thumb just suck on it.

    • Your missing the whole point… we are sick and tired of people dreaming up new ways to raise our taxes. We are done more!
      Investors need to spend their money not taxpayers.

    • 1. I didn’t characterize ALL of the hospital staff as uncaring. 2. A new building won’t make you feel better, a good doctor can. 3. I shouldn’t have to go out of town to receive proper care from another hospital out of fear of either not being treated adequately, accurately, fairly, and compassionately from the doctors in liberty when we should receive it here to begin with. 4. Having to take my money out of town doesn’t help THIS town. 5. Emergency rooms are for emergencies only, so if I mash my thumb or break my toe, there is really nothing to be done than wrap it up, suck it up and go on about my day anyway.✌

  4. Who put the board members on this hospital district? I don’t recall voting for these clowns, time to clean house the whole group seems like it’s a good ole boy network

  5. Mr. Stratton….

    Perhaps YOU have additional money to pay in County, et al. taxes.

    MOST of the residents of Liberty County do NOT have anymore money to give.

    I’ve spoken with NUMEROUS life-long residents, and they back my assessment.

    You and the board will have to find some other way to do your job.

    No development boondoggle for the privileged this year.

  6. Maybe our Hospital Board and ESD Boards should be elected by the citizen of the respective areas. Our appointed boards, do they serve for life, like the Supreme Court

  7. That’s the way the “elected board officials” deal with defeat. BULLYING! My family and I are quite familiar with the bullying tactics of Stratton. Even to the point of him and his little peddlers putting vote yes signs in my yard daily while we were at work earning a living. It wasn’t enough for us to come home and take them down. As soon as we would leave for work again, they’d trespass and put the signs back up.
    Liberty finally spoke! Now, the next step is to get the “tired”, “deep pockets”officials out of office. But that also takes our votes!!!!

  8. Mr. Stratton and the rest of the Hospital District Board should be thanked for their service. It’s another one of those thankless jobs that people who are community service minded, “do” to support their community.

    Unfortunately, the board was blinded by their long hours of unpaid work and pushed the idea of building a new facility in Liberty. There’s an old saying that goes; “a common flaw in most men is that everyone wants to build, and no one wants to do maintenance”.

    Mr Stratton’s response was a slap in the face of voters who exercised their right to vote “no”. A slap to the democratic voting process we prize so much in this country.

    The HDB failed and failed miserably. Not only was it an extremely flawed plan, the reasons for supporting it and the questions raised regarding it, were presented in a condescending manner. Although I was personally on the fence for supporting the propositions, the written information provided by the board turned me off.

    The sour grapes response by Mr. Stratton is the icing on the cake. He needs to resign his position and let someone else handle those duties.

    That being said, the HPB are elected positions and unfortunately, only a very few folks are willing to take on this “no win” task. Again, we need to thank the board for their service. They gave their best effort. If you’re not happy with their ideas and decisions, you need to run for the board.

    At the end of the day, taxpayers should not have to pay for first class medical facilities. For profit facilities will be built when the large hospital conglomerates believe our area will support the investment and provide profits for the investors. It’s coming but, apparently not soon enough for some folks.

  9. If I did the calculation correctly, only 5% of the total population voted “No”. With Covid, inflation, job losses, etc., the ability to pass a tax increase is difficult but not impossible. If more information would have been provided within the community, it may have passed. A new hospital is badly needed in our community, and I don’t have a problem paying more in taxes as long as the money is spent wisely. I would reach out to the community and then try again!

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