New hospital, clinic planned pending voter approval of November referendum

This artist's rendering shows the design of the proposed Liberty-Dayton Regional Medical Center.

The Liberty County Hospital District has formally launched a campaign in support of a referendum to build a new 51,000-square-foot Liberty Dayton Regional Medical Center, as well as a separate freestanding clinic just north of downtown Dayton.  

A referendum on the Nov. 2 general election ballot will seek an additional 9 cents per $100 property tax valuation, a rate that district leaders confirm remains one of the lowest for hospital districts in the state. Passage of the ballot propositions would support $43 million in bonds for construction of the two facilities.  

“We hope that voters recognize that access to enhanced healthcare services – from routine examinations to emergency needs – is critical for the well-being and security of every resident, as well as the region’s economic development,” says Bruce Stratton, president of the Liberty County Hospital District. “The new hospital’s location will be more convenient for everyone and offers room for expansion to support the growth that we know is coming to our communities.”  

Plans for the new hospital call for 10 private and semi-private inpatient beds, emergency services with eight exam rooms and one trauma room, a full range of imaging services, a community clinic, physical and occupational rehabilitation services, and other capabilities. The 35-acre site at the intersection of SH 146 and FM 1011 was donated to the district, so no land acquisition and associated costs are necessary.  

The proposed 4,700-square-foot clinic in Dayton would provide a much-needed alternative for medical care, with extended hours throughout the week and on weekends for both appointments and minor emergencies. In addition, the facility would provide medical exams, imaging, lab testing and similar diagnostic services. The 1.25-acre site on Cleveland Street has already been purchased by the district. 

Pending approval of the referendum, the new hospital is projected to require 15 months of construction, and the clinic has a construction schedule of seven months. 

“We’re well aware that the current facility is expensive to maintain, and its construction materials and layout make it difficult to add the new technology and services our region needs,” said Paul Henry, vice president of the district. “Our constituents have called for better healthcare close to home, and that’s exactly what these new facilities will offer.” 

A number of residents have formed a committee, Alliance for Better Care, to provide information about the proposal. The group has launched a website,, that includes renderings and additional details about the new facilities. Presentations to community organizations are also being planned.

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  1. So excited to get a new state-of-art medical facility in south Liberty County. Since my primary care physician retired a couple of years ago, I have been using the L-D Hospital Clinic and have had wonderful care! They have saved many lives! Linda Jamison, Dayton, TX

  2. That location is a BAD DECISION! Liberty is a dying city. Everyone knows that Dayton is EXPLODING in size. We have a master planned community starting that will provide over 21,000 homes. What is Liberty offering? Just because the land is donated doesn’t make it feasible. I for one who have lived in Dayton over 25 years remember the terrible care the existing Liberty Dayton Hospital has been! They need to take Dayton’s name off of it because we WONT go to Liberty for care! It’s closer to go to Baytown or Kingwood and get much better care! That add says 2 miles north- HA-that location is almost to Hardin! If we’re going to pay a tax the location should be in Dayton where it will ACTUALLY be where the majority of people will be in need of it!

  3. Poor Leeca. Yes, make much of Liberty County drive through that crap hole Dayton traffic to get to a hospital. You are correct. Go to Baytown. Many know that the Liberty hospital provides great care. And since you have only been in Dayton 25 years, you are a new resident. Liberty is the County seat and will always be. Third oldest town in Texas. Now go to Baytown and get some health care.

  4. They dont give there employees yearly pay raises people been there 10 years with out a raise all our top doc and nurses are in baytown Houston not here

  5. I am taxed enough, I find it interesting that “Old Money” in Liberty donated land to make sure Liberty was chosen, majority of tax dollars and people are in Dayton NOT Liberty, screw your tax and screw a Liberty location!

  6. The majority of tax dollars do not come from Dayton. This is a large district and only the old city limits of Dayton is included in the District. However, I understand Dayton residents are almost half of the emergency room visits. Also, Dayton residents are about 1/3rd of the out patient clinic patients.

    • I suppose so. I just posted because people keep saying Dayton is paying all the HD taxes. I live in Dayton and I just don’t get all the animosity. I pay “big” taxes but it is school district and county tax that is “big,”. Hospital district taxes are a tiny percentage of my overall and I feel well worth it. We need this new medical facility and need to get over this silly competition. If the growth comes to the west side of the county so will other medical facilities. Why try to fight our hospital district bringing a new medical facility here NOW which will benefit all of south Liberty County.

  7. MJM I have went to liberty Dayton Hospital and the clinic years ago the care I got was bad I think it’s a shame when you set in the emergency room for 2 hours and your the only one in the waiting room and no one comes and check on here we go again after a long time I decide to try again with know luck I went to the clinic did I get good results know someone was supposed to call me to set up appointment for me to have test ran its been 2 weeks ago still waiting if it was a emergency I be out of luck

  8. The new hospital will just off the Hwy 90 by-pass 146 at 1011. Easily accessed by all of the hospital district. I understand there is a plan to connect Hwy 1008 (Kenefick Hwy) to 146 near hospital site. This would ease the traffic and there would be two ways to traverse the Trinity. The new clinic will be in Dayton on Hwy 321 next to the Kidney Dialysis clinic.

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