City of Cleveland awards bid for new northside water tower

This rendering shows the plan for painting the new elevated water tank on the northwest side of Cleveland.

With construction of the new Northside Elementary campus in Cleveland ISD well underway, there is a push to get a new elevated water tank installed and ready in time for the start of the 2022-2023 school year.

At the regular Cleveland City Council meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 16, council awarded the bid for the new 500,000-gallon tank to Phoenix Fabricators. The Indiana-based company, with more than 30 years of experience in water tank construction and more than 5,000 water towers built across the United States, submitted the winning bid of $1.95 million.

Funding for the tank comes from a municipal bond that is also providing for major improvements to infrastructure all across the city and construction of a new fire station in the Grand Oaks Reserve community on the east side.

While other bid was lower at $1.473 million, Council chose Phoenix because it was considered to be the best for the City’s project. If construction of the elevated water tank is complete by the July 31 deadline, another payment of roughly $85,000 will be made to the company as part of its overall bid proposal.

The elevated tank should provide adequate water pressure for the new school campus, and homes and businesses in the Tanglewood area on the northwest side of the city. The tank will also provide some redundancy in the municipal water system should repairs need to be made on the City’s two other elevated tanks.

As the new elevated water tower will have high visibility, the City has opted to have the Cleveland ISD logo painted on the east side and the City’s logo painted on the west side.

A start date for construction of the project will be determined in the coming days.

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