Liberty County commissioners approve preliminary plats for new developments

In their second to the last meeting of 2021, on Tuesday, Dec. 14, Liberty County commissioners approved preliminary plats for two new developments being planned in the Tarkington area and the preliminary plat to expand a subdivision in Cleveland.

In Tarkington, the new subdivisions are Barton Place and Tarkington Meadows. Barton Place is being developed near SH 105 and SH 321. This subdivision will be divided into one-acre home sites for quality brick-and-stick homes. Louis Bergman, who is performing the engineering work for the developer, told commissioners that it will be a high end community.

Not far from Barton Place will be Tarkington Meadows, located at SH 321 at CR 2271. Smaller in scale, this 25-lot development also will feature quality homes, according to David Douglas with the County’s Engineering, Permitting and Inspections Department.

As Tarkington Meadows is bounded on all four sides by public roads, it will not require interior roads to be developed, Douglas told commissioners.

The preliminary plats were reviewed by the County’s engineering firm, LJA.

“We have finally begun to see a lot of stuff heading to the Tarkington area. It’s been coming for two to three years. It’s here now,” Douglas told commissioners.

The development planned for the Cleveland area is the expansion of an already existing neighborhood called The Landing, located off of US 59 South at CR 373.

Approval of the preliminary plats is just the first step in the development process. Each of the projects must also undergo additional inspections, particularly for drainage, which Douglas mentioned during court. LJA will be reviewing drainage plans next.

“Some of the drainage generated by Southern Crossing has to come through this development,” said Douglas of The Landing II.

Commissioners also approved the acceptance of roads inside of Colony Ridge’s Santa Fe Sections 2 and 3. This acceptance means that the County will take over maintenance of the roads from the developer.

Douglas told commissioners he spent two days riding along the roads and making inspections before making a recommendation to commissioners. Other than some “little superficial cracks,” Douglas said the roads look good in those sections.

Pct. 3 Commissioner David Whitmire, whose road and bridge precinct will be responsible for the roads, told commissioners he was satisfied with the road conditions.

When it came time for a vote, all other commissioners voted in favor of accepting the roads. Whitmire abstained due to a conflict of interest he has with Colony Ridge over work he performs for the developer aside from his county job.

In other business, commissioners:

  • approved the sale of fireworks for New Years Eve celebrations. The fireworks cannot have sticks or fins, such as bottle rockets;
  • approved a payment of $727,538.22 to the contract performing major road repairs in Precincts 1, 2 and 4;
  • approved an extension for the contract performing the road work in the abovementioned precincts due to rain delays;
  • approved hiring Scott Stephens and Associates to provide appraisal services for the housing buyout program;
  • approved Pct. 6 Constable Zack Harkness’s plans to apply for grants from Texas State University for a tobacco enforcement program;
  • approved the Fiscal Year 2022 Community Plan for Liberty County;
  • approved a Rural County Coronavirus Reimbursement Project for indigent health; and
  • approved a payment of $931,445.48 to White Construction for the new sheriff’s office and JP #3 annex.


  1. “Approved Pct. 6 Constable Zack Harkness’s plans to apply for grants from Texas State University for a tobacco enforcement program.” LOL!

  2. Good board report! The agreement to assume maintenance of both roads and bridges were premature in Section 2 and 3. Certainly, bridge is more understandable!

  3. Until the Commissioner’s Court and the County Judge use their regulatory authority to protect land owners by make the developers pay for the costly impact these developments ultimately foist on the local school districts, Liberty County residents can expect to continue to pay higher and higher taxes, to never actually own their property, and to watch the rural values and principles that made them want to raise their families here disappear. Maybe it’s time to stop pretending the county’s leadership is looking out for the citizens.

    • I like the way Plum Grove helped elect a Commissioner that has a Contract with Trey Harris for property maintenance and can’t vote on certain things. Plus the County takes over the roads in the Colony but have no money for the rest of the County roads. Way to go PCT.6.

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