Dayton Marine JROTC cadets win at drill competition

Dayton Marine JROTC cadets perform at a drill competition at Montgomery High School.

Before the Christmas break, the Dayton High School Marine JROTC competed in a drill competition at Montgomery High School. Once again, the team competed extremely well and brought home several awards. This was the first competition of the season for the cadets, and Chief Warrant Officer 3 Tash is excited and pleased with the results, “It was great to get the cadets out to a competition.”

The cadets will have four more competitions plus Dayton will host a drill competition on Jan. 22.

Winning the competition is always one of the goals, but there are so many other positives that come into play when looking at these competitions.

CWO-3 Tash had this to say about the cadets and his goals for the competitions, “The goals we have for our cadets are to perform to the best of their abilities and leave it all on the drill deck. In the end, winning is great and a goal, but having the courage and discipline to perform in front of peers and spectators builds their self-esteem and self-confidence. We try to instill discipline in the cadets whether they are practicing or competing. They are taught discipline has to be obtained from the beginning to the end. The overall goal is to perform well enough and qualify for the National MCJROTC Drill Competition in Daytona Beach, Fla.”

The growth of the MJROTC has fluctuated since its inception, with the last two being slightly down, but the unit and its leaders are excited about having the opportunity to travel to Wilson Jr. High and be able to talk about their program and all of its benefits to the incoming 9th grade students that are currently in the eighth grade.

Community service is a big part of what the Dayton HS MJROTC cadets do each year.  Around the Dayton/Liberty area, the cadets will put in a combined 4,000 volunteer hours each year. With COVID, that number has dropped slightly, but the unit is starting to see an uptick in the requests and the opportunities to help in the community.

These are the results of the Montgomery Drill Meet:

  • 1st Place Inspection (10 cadets stand personnel uniform and knowledge inspection)
  • 3rd place Armed Regulation
  • 2nd Place PT 
  • 3rd place Overall Drill Meet Champion

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