Hulvey running for Liberty County district clerk

Miranda Litton Hulvey is announcing her candidacy as one of the Republican candidates for District Clerk of Liberty County. 

“As a lifelong resident of Liberty County, I reside in Hardin with my husband Dave Hulvey. We have two wonderful children and a grandchild,” said Hulvey. 

Being a legal assistant in Liberty County for the past 14 years, Hulvey has handled all office filings and works hand in hand with the District Clerk’s office daily.

“My work background also has extensive experience in human resource, accounting and real estate.  My husband and I owned a successful small business in Liberty County for 13 years until we sold in 2019,” Hulvey said.

If elected as district clerk, she promises to index and maintain all fillings for family, civil and criminal cases filed in Liberty County.

“Two other important jobs I will facilitate are coordination of the jury selection process for our county and handle funds in the registry of the court. As the District Clerk, I plan to uphold the accountability that our State requires the clerk to oversee. I will bring with me the experience of technology and electronic fillings that our courts are moving toward,” she said.

Bringing my knowledge and experience to the clerk’s office as the next District Clerk of Liberty County is something to which she looks forward.

“Please vote Miranda Litton Hulvey in the upcoming Republican Primary elections on March 01, 2022,” she said.

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