McQueen picked as Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Employee of the Month

Investigator James McQueen is the Employee of the Month for the Liberty County Sheriff's Office for February 2022.

As everyone is well aware, the past two years have altered many things in Americans’ normal day-to-day routine due to the COVID virus that has swept not only the nation but the world.

No less a victim of this routine was the Liberty County Sheriff’s monthly general meetings where all personnel could meet with the Command Staff for training and information, and one other thing that each employee looked forward to each month was who was going to be chosen as the employee of the month for the agency.

After an almost two-year absence of a chosen employee of the month, Investigator James R. McQueen was selected for this February 2022 honor.

“It is no surprise that Investigator McQueen stands out in this category as he is from a ‘police family’ where his uncle was a Houston Police Officer, his mother worked with the Department of Public Safety Crime Lab and later for Texas Ranger Region 2 and now with his father serving as a Liberty County Sheriff’s Corporal. It was only natural that James R. McQueen would follow in these well-worn law enforcement footsteps of his family members,” said Capt. Ken DeFoor.

However, it was the commendation from McQueen’s supervisor, Capt. Billy Knox, who spoke highly regarding Investigator McQueen’s abilities as a case investigator and his desire to assist other investigators on any of their cases that brought him to the forefront for this award.

“His supervisor mentioned the many attributes credited to McQueen on case preparation for court trials and his attention to details in his various investigations. Again this is not surprising as McQueen has many hours of specialized training in Crime Scene Reconstruction, Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques, Shooting Reconstruction to name only a few. Capt. Knox stressed how this training has equated to Investigator McQueen doing his assigned duties in a professional manner that one would expect from an experienced Investigator,” DeFoor said.

On a more personal note, Investigator McQueen graduated from the University of Houston Police Academy in 2012 and, after working his way up through the ranks with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office as a dispatcher, then later to the Patrol Division and then to the rank of investigator, his ultimate goal is to remain with this agency until it comes time for him to retire.

In his free time, McQueen enjoys spending time with his family and friends which, he says, gives him time to “wind down” from the pressure and stress of his duty hours of working murder cases and other high profile types of criminal cases.

He also expressed his appreciation for the honor of being selected as the Employee of the Month for February 2022.

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