Kitchens seeking reelection as 258th State District judge for Polk, San Jacinto and Trinity counties

Travis Kitchens

Judge Travis Kitchens Jr., the current judge of the 258th State Judicial District Court, is seeking reelection in the March 1 Republican Primary.

“As your current District Judge in San Jacinto, Polk and Trinity counties, it is my honor and pleasure to announce I am seeking re-election. My past 44-plus years’ experience as a state prosecutor, defense attorney, civil litigator, and district judge has proven valuable, giving me the expertise to continue handling the complex duties of being your District Judge,” Kitchen said in his announcement.

Most citizens only hear about a district judge when there is a high-profile criminal case in the news. In reality, there are many more types of cases heard by a district judge, including family law cases, business cases, real estate and certain probate and mental health cases. It is important that your district judge has the legal education, training and expertise to handle all matters that may come before the court. 

“My legal training and experience, along with my life experiences, have allowed me to serve as a fair and respectful judge,” he said. “Throughout my 44-plus years of practicing law, I have appeared in front of dozens of judges with clients, and I have observed how these judges, who were entrusted with dispensing justice, handled their courtrooms… and justice. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. I have witnessed the pain, anxiety and fear of people who must come before the courts to seek justice. My experiences in these courtrooms has instilled in me a principle that I follow, and will continue to follow as your District Judge – to make sure everyone gets their fair and just day in court.”

Courtrooms are no place for local politics or favoritism. They should be a place where appropriate justice is dispensed to all – law enforcement, victims of crime, citizens accused of crimes, family members, and all persons seeking equal justice and above all, fair treatment, in the courts, Kitchen believes.

“As your District Judge, I have provided a court for citizens to have access to that justice, and to be treated with respect and common courtesy, while receiving a fair and impartial hearing of their case,” he said.

Opposing parties always have different opinions as to whether they have received justice. Was the criminal sentence too harsh or was it too light?  Were the damages in the auto accident too much or not enough?  Why were the child custody terms different in the family law cases?

“Each case that comes before the court has its own set of unique facts, circumstances, and evidence. As your District Judge, I strive to ensure that everyone who comes before me has been given a considerate and fair evaluation of the facts and evidence with the appropriate application of the relevant law,” Kitchens said.

“Decisions of judges are not always popular. But I believe if a judge acts fairly, and without allowing politics, favoritism, or vengeance to interfere with the decision making, then that judge has acted with integrity and honor. My history and my reputation show the integrity of the Office of District Judge, and the integrity of the 258th Judicial District Court, is of utmost importance to me,” he continued.

Kitchen is asking for voters to choose him in the March 1 Republican Primary elections in Polk, San Jacinto and Trinity counties.

“I give you my pledge that if you trust me with your support and vote, I will continue serving with the utmost integrity, ensuring the citizens of our judicial district have a court system that treats all participants with respect and common courtesy, and follows the principle of equal and fair justice,” he said.

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