Life Flight, City of Dayton staff discuss future training opportunities

Pictured left to right are Dayton Councilman Alvin Burress, Dayton Police Chief Derek Woods and Josh Cool with Memorial Hermann Life Flight.

Dayton City Councilman Alvin Burress invited Josh Cools with Memorial Hermann Life Flight to the Dayton Police Department on Feb. 22 to meet Derek Woods, Dayton’s new police chief.

While at the police department, the three discussed the history of Memorial Hermann Life Flight, the Red Duke Trauma Institute, and the services they currently provide.

The three also discussed first aid, CPR, and trauma training that Memorial Hermann has provided to the department in the past and discussed future training opportunities. 

Before leaving, Cools presented Chief Woods with four CAT tourniquets to replace some of the ones used by officers in a recent lifesaving event.

“I enjoyed meeting Josh and hearing about the history of Life Flight and their relationship with our department. I look forward to continuing that relationship,” said Chief Woods.

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