Davis named lone finalist for Tarkington ISD superintendent

Dr. Elna Davis is the lone finalist for Tarkington ISD superintendent.

The Tarkington ISD Board of Trustees named Dr. Elna Davis as the lone finalist in its search for a new superintendent. Davis is currently serving as the Grand Prairie ISD’s area superintendent.

Davis is a dedicated, forward-thinking, and goal-oriented professional with 26 years of educational experience, 17 of which are campus and cabinet level central office administration, focusing on curriculum development and alignment to ensure all students achieve at the highest levels and all leaders reach their highest potential.

Davis holds a Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Education degree from Texas A&M University in Kingsville, Texas. She received her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Dallas Baptist University in 2017.

Before being appointed area superintendent, she served as the chief of schools.

She has held a number of positions in public education including classroom teacher, elementary director, elementary executive director, assistant principal, chief of schools and area superintendent.

According to state law, the school board must wait 21 days before offering her a contract. When hired, she will be the first female superintendent in the District’s history.

Board members interviewed by Bluebonnet News say that Davis is extremely qualified and are looking forward to her joining the District.

“We feel she is the right candidate for superintendent, who will advance academic achievement for Tarkington ISD, hopefully in ways we have never before seen,” said Trustee Lane Gulledge. “When we started all of this, the board really sat down and came up a list of things we were looking for and things that were needed as a superintendent. We wanted someone who would focus on and push academics. Dr. Davis is the right person for that job. We are excited to be able to go down this road with Elna.”

While they are excited about Dr. Davis coming on board, they also will miss seeing Dr. Marc Keith, the current superintendent, around the campuses. However, Keith and his wife, Kim, plan to remain in the Tarkington community after his retirement from public education. Keith is a graduate of Tarkington High School and has longstanding ties to the community. He has served as superintendent since January 2018.

Trustee Cory Anderson, who has been an advocate for Keith since he joined the school board, said, “The day Dr. Keith retired was a low day for Tarkington ISD. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”

Trustee Donny Haltom thanked Keith for his years of service to the District.

“We wish them the best in their retirement years and are blessed to be keeping them in the community,” Haltom said.

Davis’ first day is April 4.


  1. Wow, I would have never in a million years thought Tarkington would be overseen by a Black person, yet alone a black woman. I guess times really have changed.

  2. Big mistake. The term forward thinker i.e. progressive. I think there should be a poll or vote by the people. Grand Prarie is not a place most of Tarkington would want to live.
    Was there a question and answer time with people of Tarkington and I just missed the announcement.
    If the school board wants to represent progressive schools there are plenty around. I can say this with certainty that’s not what most of TISD wants.

    • You sound completely racist in your comment and it is embarrassing. We do not ALL feel this way at all. Give this EDUCATED woman a chance!

    • Y’all better shut your bigoted shit down rn. Y’all had your status quo white man until you ran him off with your vile ignorance b/c he dared tried to do what he could to keep in our children healthy. I have no doubt a strong black woman is exactly what tisd students AND PARENTS needs. Y’all’s way of thinking has these kids going through these halls bragging about being so awful they’ve made several teachers quit. If things stay your way Texas will remain 35th in education or worse. My kids go to school to receive an education, the good/bad/ugly, not to be indoctrinated. Move to north Korea if that’s what you’re into.

  3. One of the hardest superintendents ever. I have no doubt that Dr. Davis will prove herself. Tarkington ISD is fortunate to have her as their leader.

  4. Tarkington ISD just got a major win with this hire. I worked for Mrs. Davis for many years and she was a phenomenal leader! She will push everyone around her to do better and be better! Driven and inspiring. That is Elna Davis.

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