Candlelight vigil honoring crime victims set for April 28

Liberty County District Attorney Jennifer Bergman Harkness (right) uses her flame to light the candle of Lanora Purvis at a candlelight vigil in recognition of Child Abuse Prevention Month and Crime Victims' Rights Week on Thursday, April 22, at the Cleveland Senior Citizens Center. (File photo from 2021)

The Office of Liberty County District Attorney Jennifer Bergman has issued a county-wide invitation to attend the candlelight vigil for crime victims and child abuse victims which will be held on Thursday, April 28, 2022, at 6 p.m., at the City Hall located at 1829 Sam Houston St., Liberty, Texas.

The purpose of the vigil is to help the public honor victims of crime, their families and those who serve them and to alert the public to the realities of crime and express hope for a less violent future. The vigil is a part of the local observance of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, which is scheduled for the week of April 24-30, 2022.

The theme of Crime Victims’ Rights Week this year is “Rights, Access, Equity for all Victims.” This theme will be observed by thousands of victim service and allied professional organizations and agencies across the United States.

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week will be observed across the nation by victims and survivors and the professionals and volunteers who assist them.

It is a time to honor crime victims and the nation’s progress in advancing their rights. This year’s theme – “Rights, Access, Equity for all Victims” – celebrates the reason behind that progress and the ideal of serving all victims.

Another very important purpose of the vigil is to commemorate Child Abuse Prevention Month which is the month of April. It is a time to focus on ways not only to protect children but also to prevent abuse from occurring.

This is an opportunity to make a difference in young lives. It is hoped that this vigil will impress upon everyone that every child is entitled to be loved and that preventing child abuse is the responsibility of all citizens.

“Child Abuse Prevention Month is an opportunity to highlight the role everyone plays to support parents and families. During the month of April – and throughout the year as we raise awareness regarding child abuse prevention – our attention is best focused on prevention efforts that create healthier environments for children,” according to a statement from the DA’s office.

For additional information about Crime Victims’ Rights Week, Child Abuse Prevention Month, and/or the upcoming Candlelight Vigil on April 28, 2022, contact Victim Assistance Coordinator’s Brenda Sanchez or Laurel Goodwin at the Liberty County District Attorney’s Office 936/336-4609.


  1. Re: Child Abuse Prevention Month …

    If physically survived, emotional and/or psychological trauma from unhindered toxic abuse usually results in a helpless child’s brain improperly developing. If allowed to continue for a prolonged period, it can act as a starting point into a life in which the brain uncontrollably releases potentially damaging levels of inflammation-promoting stress hormones and chemicals, even in non-stressful daily routines. It’s like a form of non-physical-impact brain damage.

    The lasting mental pain is very formidable yet invisibly confined to inside one’s head. It is solitarily suffered, unlike an openly visible physical disability or condition, which tends to elicit sympathy/empathy from others. It can make every day a mental ordeal, unless the turmoil is treated with some form of medicating, either prescribed or illicit.

    Owing to the Only If It’s In My Own Back Yard mindset, however, the prevailing collective attitude (implicit or subconscious) basically follows: ‘Why should I care — my kids are alright?’ or ‘What is in it for me, the taxpayer, if I support programs for other people’s troubled families?’ While some people will justify it as a normal thus moral human evolutionary function, the self-serving OIIIMOBY can debilitate social progress, even when social progress is most needed. And it seems this distinct form of societal penny wisdom but pound foolishness is a very unfortunate human characteristic that’s likely with us to stay.

    Meantime, countless people will procreate regardless of their questionable ability to raise their children in a psychologically functional/healthy manner. … Indeed, I sometimes wonder how much immense long-term suffering might have been prevented had the parent(s) of a future tyrant received, as high school students, some crucial child development science education by way of mandatory curriculum. After all, dysfunctional and/or abusive parents, for example, may not have had the chance to be anything else due to their lack of such education and their own dysfunctional/abusive rearing as children.

    Being free nations, society cannot prevent anyone from bearing children; society can, however, educate all young people for the most important job ever, even those high-schoolers who plan to remain childless. If nothing else, such curriculum could offer students an idea/clue as to whether they’re emotionally suited for the immense responsibility and strains of parenthood.

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