QuikTrip in Cleveland holds grand opening

At a grand opening on March 31, 2022, City of Cleveland employees and officials, and local business leaders joined employees of QuikTrip to celebrate the store's opening.

A QuikTrip store opened at 411 Belcher St., in Cleveland on Wednesday. The new store is the second-ever QuikTrip location in the Greater Houston Area, the first being a store that was opened in Conroe earlier this year. QuikTrip is now working on a third Houston-area store on Aldine-Bender at I-69.

“We are a convenience store chain, privately held by investors. We operate 950 stores across America. For QuikTrip stores, it’s all about the quality of the food we offer,” said Michael Ward, real estate manager for QuikTrip. “People can expect to find almost anything they want to eat in our stores. We are big in the food business. Our focus is on food and making it high quality.”

The stores are designed to accommodate both commercial and non-commercial vehicles, including tractor-trailers.

Rev. Carl Williamson (far right) leads prayer for God’s favor on the new QuikTrip store on the 400 block of Belcher Street.

“We think our stores give truckers more options for food on the road. They are sometimes limited in what is offered,” said Ward.

When asked about the motivation for QuikTrip in building a store in Cleveland, Ward said the company believes Cleveland is poised for growth.

QuikTrip employees were ready to go when the store opened on March 31. (Photo courtesy of the Greater Cleveland Chamber of Commerce.)

“We definitely like to build our stores in high-growth areas,” he said. “Cleveland is a great community and it looks like it is a great place to live.”

The Cleveland store employs 26 to 30 local residents. Nationally, QuikTrip has 24,000 employees.


  1. They have non ethanol gas also, which is great for small engines, like lawn mowers ect… Price on it was pretty good too at $4.19 a gallon. That might sound high to some, but I have seen it sell for much higher. I will be loading up on gas here. Glad to see them here.

  2. yippie, bravo, great, another mega chain store with no local ownership or investment. where will will be guaranteed mediocre service, while enriching a bunch of fat cat investment brokers

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