Brents announces Liberty city council candidacy; pledges to vote ‘no’

Tommy Brents and wife Whitney have two children - Matthias and Joanna. The family lives in Liberty.

A lifelong resident of Liberty and second-generation small-business owner, Tommy Brents, is announcing his candidacy to serve on the City Council for the City of Liberty. All voters registered in the city limits of Liberty are eligible to vote for up to three candidates in the city’s election on May 7th and Tommy would like to earn one of your votes.

Among Tommy’s priorities on council will be to support good economic development, restrain government, improve the city’s aging infrastructure, and lower property taxes.

In his emailed statement, Brents explained that in 2021, he founded The Liberty PAC, where he successfully organized an effort to defeat a local government entity’s bond election that would have raised property taxes.

“I believe those propositions were well-intentioned, but not enough consideration was given to the growing economic hardships being experienced by taxpayers,” said Brents. “The latest round of property appraisals makes it clear that government has no regard for the financial wellness and future prosperity of our families. The days of putting our heads down and tucking our tails while our wealth is plundered have ended.”

Brents pledged to continue resisting property tax increases when elected to Council. He recently announced on his campaign Facebook page, “I’ll vote NO on every proposed budget that doesn’t include a tax rate cut until these runaway appraisals are brought in check! I hope my fellow candidates will do the same.”

Brents graduated with Honors in 2003 as the President of his senior class and Liberty High School’s chapter of Business Professionals of America, an organization whose goal is to contribute to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills.

After joining the workforce, Brents quickly advanced to the role of IT Systems Administrator for a successful Liberty small business. He went on to establish his own local business which he has operated for over a decade, serving residents and businesses throughout Liberty and the surrounding areas. In an announcement to some of his customers, Brents wrote, “I’ve had the privilege to serve many of you in your homes and businesses, and now I’m asking for the opportunity to also serve you on our City Council.”

Brents lives in Liberty with his wife, Whitney, and their two young children, Matthias and Joanna.

“I love our town. While many of my peers have moved away over the years, I’ve been privileged to own a business and raise a family here. If elected, I’ll be an advocate for families and individuals at every stage of life. I want Liberty to be a place my children can grow and prosper, just like I have, and like my grandparents did,” he said.

Early voting in the May 7 City Election begins on April 25. Voters registered within the Liberty city limits can cast their votes for Tommy Brents at the Jack Hartel community building at 318 San Jacinto Street in Liberty. Voters can cast a vote for as many as three of the four candidates on the ballot. Brents concluded, “It’d be my honor to have an opportunity to earn one of your votes”.

For more information about the Tommy Brents campaign, voters can visit

Editor’s note: Candidates for local public office are invited to submit an announcement regarding their candidacy. The announcements should be written as a press release and include a high resolution photo.


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