Voter turnout low in early voting; Election Day is Saturday

Early voting for the May 7 election is now over. When polls closed on Tuesday, May 3, only 2,644 people in Liberty County had voted, just 5.4 percent of the county’s 48,763 registered voters.

The highest concentration of voters appears to be in the Hardin City Hall box where 589 people voted early. While other voting centers had higher numbers of voters overall, the difference is that the Hardin area has only a couple thousand voters compared to cities where the populations are in excess of 8,000-plus residents.

Liberty County Elections Administrator Klint Bush believes the hotly-contested Hardin ISD school board election is pushing for more voter turnout in Hardin, though it is hard to pinpoint with voters now able to choose from among any of the voting centers in the county. Bush is a proponent of getting more people to the polls.

“Everyone gets on Facebook to complain about an issue but they don’t want to do something about it and vote,” he said.

The following is the early voting numbers for the May 7 election:

  • Dayton Community Center – 659
  • Jack Hartel Building, Liberty – 599
  • Hardin City Hall – 589
  • Cleveland Civic Center – 676
  • Hull-Daisetta High School – 107
  • Santa Fe Administration Building (Plum Grove area) – 14

Note: These numbers do not reflect the votes of people who live outside of Liberty County such as in the Cleveland area where city and school board elections also cross into Montgomery County.

On Election Day, May 7, voters will be able to pick from any of the 15 voting centers that are scattered across the county. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., at these locations:

  • Devers School, 201 Chism St., Devers, Texas
  • Hull-Daisetta High School, 117 N Main St., Daisetta, Texas
  • Ames City Hall, 304 Martin Dr., Ames, Texas
  • Jack Hartel Building, 318 San Jacinto St., Liberty, Texas
  • Westlake VFD, 8704 FM 1409, Dayton, Texas
  • Douglas School Gym, 900 Samuel Wiley Drive, Cleveland, Texas
  • Romayor Baptist Church, 307 FM 2610, Cleveland, Texas
  • Hardin City Hall, 142 CO RD 2010, Liberty, Texas
  • HI- Way Tabernacle, 108 CR 2250, Cleveland, Texas
  • Cleveland Civic Center, 210 Peach St., Cleveland, Texas
  • Sante Fe Admin Building, 1680 RD 3549, Cleveland, Texas
  • Plum Grove City Hall, 9485 Plum Grove Rd., Cleveland, Texas
  • Dayton Community Center, 801 S. Cleveland St., Dayton, Texas
  • Kenefick Southern Baptist Church, 3536 FM 1008, Dayton, Texas
  • Tarkington Prairie Baptist Church, 25 CR 306, Cleveland, Texas

May 24 election is up next

A second election this month, set for May 24, is for state runoff elections and the Pct. 4 commissioner’s race that was prompted after a visiting district judge voided the March 1 primary election results for the Pct. 4 commissioner’s race.

The following are the sample ballots for the May 24 election. These will vary depending on where you live:

Early voting for the May 24 election is from May 16-20, from 7 am. to 7 p.m., at these locations:

  • Jack Hartel Building, 318 San Jacinto St., Liberty
  • Hardin City Hall, 142 CR 2010, Liberty (Hardin)
  • Dayton Community Center, 801 S. Cleveland St., Dayton
  • Cleveland Civic Center, 210 Peach Ave., Cleveland

Election Day locations are:

  • Jack Hartel Building
  • Hardin City Hall
  • Dayton Community Center
  • Cleveland Civic Center
  • Hi-Way Tabernacle, 108 CR 2250, Cleveland (Tarkington)
  • Kenefick Southern Baptist Church, 3536 FM 1008, Dayton (Kenefick)
  • Trinity Baptist Church, 408 W. Clayton, Dayton

Election results for both the May 7 and May 24 elections will be posted on the nights of the elections on

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