TVE announces 2022 scholarship recipients

Ten lucky high school graduates have been picked as this year’s Trinity Valley Exposition scholarship recipients. The graduates represent Cleveland, Hardin, Barbers Hill, Anahuac, Liberty and East Chambers ISDs, and ABEKA Academy.

All totaled, the students will receive $35,000 in scholarship funding. Over the last five years, TVE has distributed more than $150,000 in scholarship money to local students.

This year’s recipients are:

  • Marlee Brooks- Cleveland ISD- $5,500
  • Emma Brett- Hardin ISD- $5,000
  • Callie Welty- Barbers Hill ISD- $4,000
  • Journey Hamilton- East Chambers ISD- $ 3,500
  • Sidney Otto- Barbers Hill ISD- $3,500
  • Phoebe Hampton- Anahuac ISD- $ 3,500
  • Cody Mordica- Liberty ISD- $3,000
  • Mackenzie Vojecek- Barbers Hill ISD- $2,500
  • Brooke Poole- ABEKA Academy- $2,500
  • Morgan Krupp- Barbers Hill ISD- $2,000

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