Liberty County Jail arrest report, July 16, 2022

The following people were booked in at the Liberty County Jail on July 16, 2022:

  • Gutierrez, Gabriella – Aggravated Robbery, No Driver’s License, Failure to Appear and Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility
  • Hammock, Billy Ray – Hold for Harris County-Theft of Firearm
  • Nikstad, Stephen Erik – Possession of Marijuana
  • Bryan, Samuel Clifton – Assault Causing Bodily Injury/Family Violence and Theft of Property
  • Davis, Whitney – Burglary of a Building
  • Stone, Shaina Rene – Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility, Driving While License Invalid, Expired License Plate, Accident Involving Damage to Vehicle
  • Richardson, Jeremy – Public Intoxication
  • Gumms, Maurice – Terroristic Threat, Terroristic Threat Against Peace Officer and Resisting Arrest, Search or Transport
  • Zbranek, Justin Lee – Parole Violation
  • Edwards, Cameron Albert – Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, Expired Registration, Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility and Violation of Promise to Appear
  • Spears, Justin Curtis – No Driver’s License When Unlicensed, Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility and Bond Forfeiture-Assault Causing Bodily Injury/Family Violence
  • Conzalez, Allison Marie – Public Intoxication
  • Speer, Kirk Randall – Disorderly Conduct

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