Letter to the Cleveland ISD community:

Dear Cleveland ISD Parents, Faculty and Staff,

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year. What an exciting time to be a Cleveland Indian! I hope everyone had a nice break, and that you have returned re-energized to build upon the positive momentum that we experienced last year. As your superintendent of schools, it is a true privilege and honor to serve in Indian Nation where we strive for excellence in education.

The primary goal at Cleveland ISD is to educate our students with a quality education so they are prepared and ready to pursue their career ambitions after graduation. As such, our dedicated faculty, staff and administrators have worked hard preparing for the new school year.

We are committed to providing all learners with a first-class educational experience that will prepare them for their future endeavors, whether it be college, a career, or the military.

The 2022-2023 school year will be unique due to significant growth throughout the district. Rest assured, the CISD staff is motivated and up for the challenge! We encourage you to embrace our “Cleveland ISD Way” movement, where pride, respect, commitment and accountability are exhibited every day.

To the community members, thank you for your continued support of the district. To the CISD parents, we are honored you have chosen to be a part of the Cleveland ISD family. We are incredibly blessed for the opportunity to educate your children. To the students, we challenge you to embrace the educational opportunity and encourage you to give your very best in every facet of life.

Stephen McCanless
Superintendent of Schools
Cleveland ISD

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