Montgomery County Pct. 4 deputies train on door-breaching techniques

Montgomery County Pct. 4 deputy constables learn door-breaching techniques they hope they will never need to use if a school shooter threatens a local campus.

The tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, weighed heavily on all of our hearts. Montgomery County Pct. 4 Constable Hayden knew that even though his office had previous training on active shooter response and ongoing training to back up the fundamentals, he knew more work would be done.

In line with Constable Hayden’s thoughts, a Pct. 4 reserve sergeant knew one of the department’s reserve deputies was a nationally recognized breaching expert. Together, with Constable Hayden, they immediately planned an office-wide training program for all Pct. 4 deputies to further their skills in door-breaching techniques.

Constable Hayden called upon the East Montgomery County Fire Department as a location to hold the training and department leaders graciously agreed. During the weeks of July 10 and July 17, Pct. 4 deputies were challenged, furthering their skills to breach any door in front of them.

Old techniques were polished, and new techniques were mastered.

“I will do everything in my power so that events that occurred in Uvalde and other parts of the US will not occur here,” Hayden said.

Hayden furthered this earlier this year with his #SafeSchool High Visibility Patrol Program, where Pct. 4 deputies make daily, random checks on campuses through the Pct. 4 areas while schools are in session.

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