Liberty-Dayton Medical Clinic opening at new location

Liberty-Dayton Medical Clinic is moving to 1201 N. Travis St., Liberty. It will open on Sept. 6, 2022.

Liberty County Hospital District No 1 is proud to announce the opening of our new Liberty-Dayton Medical Clinic on Tuesday, September 6, 2022. The clinic is located on the corner of Travis and Monta at 1201 N Travis in Liberty. Hours at the new clinic site will be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday, closed for lunch from noon to 1 p.m.

The new space will be much more accessible with a welcoming environment and Liberty-Dayton Medical Clinic’s quality care that includes all life cycles. Under the direction of Clinic Manager, Matthew Quinn and Assistant Manager, Margie Parker, Dr. Amanuel Abreha and Heather Reed, PA-C will be seeing new and returning patients.

“We are happy to welcome Dale Brock, MSN, FNP, and his staff, formally of Quality Care Plus, who joined our team on Aug. 9,” said L-DRMC CEO Rhonda Campbell in an emailed statement.

The current specialty providers include Dr. Hemali Patel, DPM, who will provide podiatry needs, including diabetic foot care, every other Thursday from 8 a.m. to noon, and Dr. Nitin Mahajan, MD MPH, providing cardiology specialty needs every other Wednesday from 8 a.m. to noon. 

The expansion of the clinic gives the clinic the opportunity to offer the start of a program currently very scarce in the area – Behavioral Care via telepsychiatry services for the adolescents and adults requiring this service. These services will be provided in the office via a telehealth platform, and are projected to begin this fall. Those services may include treatment and counseling for mental health disorders, substance use disorders and medication management through the use of telehealth.

“Our vision is to be a trusted healthcare facility, with the mission to provide compassionate, superior quality healthcare to the communities we serve,” said Campbell.

Call 936-336-9175 or 936-336-3100 for appointments. Walk-ins and same day appointments are welcomed based upon provider availability.  Financial programs may be available to help patients get the medical care needed.


  1. Since my family practitioner in Dayton retired, I have been using the Liberty-Dayton Clinic and am so pleased with the high level of healthcare I have received. Heather Reed, PA is caring and conscientious in her approach as well as the great staff. They coordinate well with specialists I use in Houston. Their portal is easy and efficient to use. Congrats on this new facility!

  2. I second Linda’s comments. I’ve been using the L-DCMC since moving back to Liberty in 1998. Through many changes in staff over the years, I’ve found the quality of care and concern of physicians and nurse practitioners, like Heather Reed, to be consistently outstanding.

    Whenever I’ve had a complaint, I’ve been impressed with the avenues available to address it. When I’ve been dissatisfied with a practice, service, or provider, (at times, I have been) I’ve gone to the CEO to air my complaint. We are fortunate in a small hospital to have an approachable CEO – try that at San Jacinto Methodist. Anyway, my complaint was either resolved or I better understood the reason for the procedure or practice. Regardless, I was satisfied that I was heard.

    IMHO, we are blessed in our small town to have a competent, caring, community hospital and clinic staffed by professionals we can count on to deliver on the frontline of healthcare without driving 45 minutes and more just to get to a parking lot then wait or resort to a doc-in-the-box storefront facility. Of course, both those are good to great when needed, but, day to day, we are blessed and, if necessary, we’re a helicopter ride away from world class healthcare. Who could ask for more?

  3. I see Dr. Dale brock at the Liberty-Dayton regional medical clinic I use to see Abreaha there but Dr. Brock is the only doctor that has ever listened to me and cared enough to do some blood work to see what I got going on. He is an amazing doctor. The staff at the clinic or amazing too. They have helped me more than yall know so I want to thank Dr. Brock and all the Doctors and staff at the liberty–Dayton regional medical clinic they are all amazing….

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