Sheriff recognized by Liberty County Commissioners Court

Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader is congratulated by Liberty County Judge Jay Knight (right) for completing the Texas Association of Counties' Leadership 254 program.

A resolution recognizing the achievements of Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader was presented at the start of the Liberty County Commissioners Court meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 13 by County Judge Jay Knight. Rader recently completed an executive leadership program through the Texas Association of Counties (TAC).

Leadership 254, named for the 254 Texas counties, is designed to advance the skills of county officials to enable them to meet the unique challenges of their duties and to enhance their leadership skills and style.

The participants learn to overcome their limitations and to redefine the possibilities they set for themselves and their constituents.

“I was honored to be accepted in this program. Elected officials from all 254 counties are eligible to apply for acceptance in this training,” Rader said.

TAC chooses two representatives from each elected position to attend the training. For example, two sheriffs, two county judges, two commissioners, etc.). There are four modules that are completed in the 14-month program and a lot of homework is required, said Rader.

The training includes interactive discussions, theory building, skill assessments and experimental learning activities.

“The classes taught me how to handle different problems and how to work with others who had different views on the way things should be done. I was shown that beliefs, choices, setbacks and emotions may limit a leader’s skills,” Rader said. “The training made me realize what a leadership really means. I am using many of the things that I learned. One thing that was stressed was that ethics has a big impact on county leaders in their everyday work and that every leader needs to work on increasing their personal ethical leadership strategies.”

Rader said he wholeheartedly recommends the program to other elected officials.

“It is the best leadership class that I have ever taken. I was reminded of a quote by Mahatma Gandhi, who said, ‘As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves,'” Rader said.

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