Deshotel promoted to rank of lieutenant with Liberty County Sheriff’s Office

Lt. Michelle Deshotel

Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader recently promoted 21-year veteran Sgt. Michelle Deshotel to the long vacant rank of lieutenant effective on Oct. 1, 2022.

This ranking within the LCSO has not been filled since it was held many years ago in a past administration, but now with the tremendous increase in population growth in Liberty County, which equates to increased calls for service and a tremendous increase in reports and building cases for court presentations, it has become imperative that the Patrol Division. This division is considered to be the backbone of any law enforcement agency and now will be supported with additional supervisory personnel.

Lt. Deshotel will function under the Command of Patrol Division Capt. Robert Dunn and will supervise the patrol sergeants, corporals and eeputies assigned to that division on both the day and night shifts.

The professional supervisory abilities of Lt. Deshotel has long been recognized by not only her supervisors but the deputies under her charge. She will function as a field supervisor and will continue to work with her K-9 partner which will be in addition to her many newly acquired duties.

When making this new promotion, Sheriff Rader had this to say about Lt. Deshotel, “When County Judge Jay Knight and the Commissioners approved the Lieutenant position for the LCSO, Sgt. Michelle Deshotel immediately came to mind. I, along with the Chief and Captains, have observed her work ethics and leadership skills. She is a dedicated employee of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.

“She knows the LCSO policies and procedures and she makes sure the deputies she supervises follow the rules. Sgt. Deshotel did not let her supervisory position keep her from answering calls, completing reports and making arrest. I look forward to working with now, Lieutenant Deshotel. I know that she has several ideas she wants to share that will make the LCSO a better place to work and make the LCSO a more efficient law enforcement office,” the sheriff said.


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