Lee College celebrates revitalized nursing program

Pictured left to right are Mike Wilson, Chris Presley, Daryl Fontenot, Susan Moore-Fontenot, David Daspit, Ashley Cressy, Mark Himsel, Dr. Lynda Villanueva, Jessica Davis, Gilbert Santana, Dr. Janena Norris, Brandon Capetillo, Rusty Senac, Gina Guillory, Charlotte Oldbury, Pete Alfaro, David Bernard, Sybil Rollins and Eunice Morgan.

Lee College Board of Regents, faculty and community leaders gathered at the McNulty-Haddick Complex to celebrate the renovation and expansion of the Nursing program. Some recent changes include revamping and reordering curriculum and offering more accessible learning options for vocational students. 

New labs were also added, equipped with working medical equipment and medical dummies that appear to breath, blink, have measurable pulses, blood pressure and replaceable parts that allow students to practice inserting catheters, tracheotomy tubes and more. 

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