Liberty County man sentenced to 55 years for Burglary of a Habitation With Intent to Commit a Sexual Assault

Tyree Patterson

A Liberty County jury on Sept. 16, 2022, found Tyree Jacoby Patterson, 32, guilty of two counts of Burglary of a Habitation With Intent to Commit a Sexual Assault and sentenced him to 55 years in prison. The Honorable Judge Chap Cain of the 253rd Judicial District Court, presided over the five-day trial.

Prosecutor Nicole Washington presented evidence that on Aug. 9, 2021, Patterson opened the back door of the home of the 57-year-old complainant at approximately 6 a.m., as she was making her morning coffee. Patterson then closed the door, called the complainant a “rich bitch,” and proceeded to remove his pants.

The complainant ran out of the house and toward the home of her daughter who lived on the adjoining property. The victim testified that Patterson chased after her as she screamed for her daughter to open the door. The complainant’s daughter, the second complainant in the case, testified that she opened the door and a struggle and physical altercation ensued between Patterson and the two women who were trying to protect themselves and get the defendant out of the home.

The second complainant’s 10-year-old son was present in the home and was a witness to this struggle and what later occurred outside the residence.

Both complainants testified that the defendant threw his money and cell phone in the home, which law enforcement later collected as evidence. The jury heard testimony that the altercation eventually moved outside the home and the complainants testified that Patterson removed his shorts and boxers, and tackled the first complainant, pinning her to the ground.

She specifically testified that she used both of her hands and twisted Patterson’s penis as hard as she could in order to get him off of her, but he did not respond. While these events were occurring, the second complainant testified that she retrieved a shovel and repeatedly struck Patterson with the edge of the shovel. He reportedly stopped, looked at her and said, “Oh, you’re pretty” and proceeded to pull down the top of her nightgown.

Patterson then tackled her and got on top of her in the same manner as the other complainant, using his body to force her legs open. The second complainant fought with Patterson, but eventually he pinned down her arms. She testified that at this point she believed there was nothing more she could do and began reciting The Lord’s Prayer. While he was attacking the second complainant, the first complainant began striking Patterson with an aluminum baseball bat, which elicited no response.

Feeling hopeless, the women testified that they were both reciting The Lord’s Prayer at this point. For reasons both women attributed to divine intervention, Patterson got off the second complainant and ran toward the home of the first complainant, while the woman ran into the second complainant’s home. Jurors heard the frantic 911 call of the 10-year-old during which he described to the dispatchers that a man was choking his mother and grandmother, and heard testimony from the young boy himself as he described the events.

Ultimately, the jury heard testimony from responding officers that arrived to find Patterson, sitting naked in the driver’s seat of the first complainant’s vehicle. He was detained and arrested for Burglary of a Habitation With Intent to Commit Sexual Assault for each of the two complainants.

After the State rested, the jury rendered its verdict of guilty. In the punishment phase, the State presented evidence as to the Defendant’s criminal history. After hearing testimony from the victims as well as Patterson himself, the jury retired to deliberate and quickly returned a verdict of 55 years in prison.

“By their verdicts, the jury picked up the bat and shovel used by LaToya and Janet to defend themselves and said, in no uncertain terms, that the defendant’s behavior will not be tolerated in Liberty County. Their willingness to stand watch between any would-be victim and Tyree Patterson will help this community to move forward, and I cannot thank them enough for their service,” said Assistant District Attorney Nicole Washington.

District Attorney Jennifer Bergman added, “The jury said with its sentence – as juries in Liberty County consistently say with their sentences – that violent and repeat offenders will undoubtedly receive lengthy prison sentences.”


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    Prayers up for the two women who survived and for the child who had to witness this traumatic moment. Hopefully they take down whoever had part in his consumption as well to save others.

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