Liberty County Housing Authority board member arrested

A member of the Liberty County Housing Authority board has been arrested and charged with Abuse of Official Capacity and Theft after his home and the LCHA offices were raided by investigators on Thursday.

The raids were carried out simultaneously Thursday morning by the Texas Rangers, the Liberty County District Attorney’s Office and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of Inspector General.

Investigators went to the Hardin home of Klint Bush, a member of the Liberty County Housing Authority, where Bush was arrested and subsequently booked in at the Liberty County Jail. As of Thursday afternoon, bond had not been set.

Law enforcement personnel went to the Hardin home of Klint Bush on Thursday to execute one of two search warrants. The other was executed at the Liberty County Housing Authority Office on Cos Street. Bush serves on the LCHA board of directors.

The Liberty County District Attorney’s Office has planned a press conference for Friday morning where details about the case are expected to be shared with the media.

Bush’s arrest may create issues for other Liberty County entities as he also is president of the board for Liberty County Emergency Services District #7 (Hardin Fire and Rescue) and is the Liberty County Elections Administrator. However, sources close to the case say the charges against him do not relate to either of those entities.

Bluebonnet News has reached out to other LCHA board members but so far the LCHA has not released a statement.

As soon as more information is available, an update will be posted.


  1. Klint Bush has been very careful to make sure tax payer money is spent properly! I can’t believe these alleged charges! Someone may may be pushing a political agenda!

    • Aubrey We have had a lot of people who was doing a good job and magickly someone dug up something. After they were voted out everything went quiet. None of them went to Prison which is odd.

  2. The state offices and Texas Rangers are involved. If you still think this is politically motivated, it shows how little you care for justice.

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