Liberty County Elections Commission suspends elections administrator with pay

Liberty County Elections Administrator Klint Bush speaks at a Q & A session his office arranged on Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2022.

Beleaguered Liberty County Housing Authority President Klint Bush has been suspended with pay from his job as Liberty County Elections Administrator following a decision by the Liberty County Elections Commission on Tuesday. Bush is employed as Elections Administrator and volunteers for the Housing Authority board.

The five-member elections commission – comprised of County Judge Jay Knight, County Clerk Lee Haidusek Chambers, Liberty County Republican Party Chair Emily Cook, Liberty County Democratic Party Chair Michael Mark and County Tax Assessor-Collector Richard “Ricky” Brown – plans to revisit the issue in 60 days. Cook, who served on the Housing Authority Board until 2019, abstained from the vote.

While Bush attends to legal issues related to two criminal charges filed against him last week related to his role on the Housing Authority board, the Liberty County Elections Administration will be temporarily overseen by County Clerk Lee Haidusek Chambers, who previously was in charge of elections prior to Bush’s joining the County in that role. The commission was split on this decision with four members – Knight, Chambers, Mark and Brown – voting in favor, and Cook voting against it. This decision will also be revisited in 60 days.

Bush’s friends and family, along with attorneys Michelle Merendino and Logan Pickett, packed the Liberty County Court at Law courtroom on Tuesday as a show of support and to speak on his behalf to the Commission. His supporters reminded the Commission that Bush is to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

“I have known and observed him. He is a straight shooter, always following the rules,” said Aubrey Vaughn of Tarkington. “As many of you know, I have been directly involved in elections and I want to be sure that elections are right. The charges against Bush have nothing related to elections.”

Vaughn suggested that the case is being tried in the media instead of a court of law.

“He had no personal gain. I don’t even see why the charges came forward to begin with,” Vaughn said.

Another supporter, John Addison, believes that Bush will be proven innocent.

“The affidavit filed against Mr. Bush was from a former employee. This individual was being sued by (the Housing Authority). That information has been left out of the District Attorney’s statements and some media,” Addison said.

Wesley Thomas, who says he has had the privilege to work with Bush as a precinct chairman, told the Commission, “I think he has done a fantastic job and should continue.”

Bush’s father, Stephen Bush, of Hardin, believes that Liberty County could use more people like his son.

“In our laws, a person is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. If they terminate him, then they are saying he is guilty until proven innocent. Give him a chance to prove his innocence. If we had more honest people like him, who works like he does, then Liberty County would be a better place,” the senior Bush said. “We are watching y’all to see how you vote. One day the shoe might be on your feet.”

After hearing the pleas from his supporters, the Commission met in executive session to contemplate its decision. After two hours, the executive session ended, and the Commission took a vote to allow Bush to be suspended with full pay, which includes an auto allowance.

The charges against Bush – Abuse of Official Capacity, a third-degree felony punishable by imprisonment of 2-10 years, and Theft of Property, a second-degree felony punishable by 2-20 years in prison – stem from an investigation by the Texas Rangers and the Housing and Urban Development’s Office of Inspector General into CARES Act funding. Bush is accused of using CARES Act funding to purchase a property for elder housing for the Liberty County Housing Authority and then creating shell corporations to move money around to repay the CARES Act funding.

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  1. Hope Logan will run again. The DA is proving she is not qualified. Mark Morefield spanked her and now this farce. Clint is not a dummy. He knows about audits, etc.

    • You’re wrong. This is the good old boy club trying to make trouble for the new DA. Look back at Pickett’s record and you’ll see how many offenders got probation when they should have done prison time.

    • You just proved that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Morefield didn’t spank anyone. Read up, sonny. The charges against Bruce were not warranted and everyone knew it. He even asked the county attorney before hiring that fella if he could and got the okay from his office. Ms. Bergman as done more in her short time in office than Logan ever did. Theres only one thing he’s better at and that’s beating his wife.

  2. I have a friend who is a lawyer. He told me once that he absolutely hates going to liberty county, said it was like going back in time 100 years.

    • It’s a cult of the so called Privileged. They try and justify WRONG. Need to check the few whose propping him up like a Saint.

  3. Klint Bush is like a snail, follow the slime. I looked up scam artist in the dictionary, there he was. Klint has used the Republican Party as a shield like his old boss Eddie Shauberger, Klint learned tons from big con Eddie. Little con, just like big con.

  4. What the commisioners, Jay knight and county clerk did for Bush is totally irresponsible and should be remembered next election. They effectively gave a criminal a paid vacation. These indefensible acts are the reason no one trust Liberty County officials. Everyone knows Bush has illegally milked every organization he has been a party to. Parading in a wife beater like Logan Picket and a false prophet kook (sovereign citizen) like Aubrey Vaughn as character witnesses for Bush is utterly laughable. What a *hit show….

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