Public input needed for Liberty County Strategic Plan

Texas Target Communities, a service program at Texas A&M University, is working with Liberty County government, stakeholders, and citizens to update the county’s strategic plan, building on the successes and addressing the new challenges and opportunities that have arisen in the six years since the 2016 Liberty County Strategic Plan.

Public input is needed and will be accepted through Jan. 31, 2022. This document will be used to guide community growth for the next 20 years and covers a variety of topics including development, housing, economy, health, transportation and the environment.

In the fall of 2015, the County of Liberty and Texas Target Communities partnered to create a task force to represent the community.

The task force was integral to the planning process, contributing the thoughts, desires, and opinions of community members—as well as their enthusiasm about Liberty’s future. This 14-month planning process ended in August 2016. The result of this collaboration is the County of Liberty Strategic Plan, which is the official policy guide for the community’s growth over the next 20 years.

T he Texas Target Communities program was initiated in 1993 by the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning at Texas A&M University. This program selects small communities from the state of Texas and provides residents with valuable assistance in planning.

At the same time it serves as a “real world” learning laboratory for graduate students. Students gain valuable planning experience while the targeted community receives assistance that can make a positive difference in the quality of urban life for its residents. Communities are chosen for participation in the program based on demonstrated need and their commitment to the planning process.

People can learn more about the planning process and provide input at

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  1. Liberty County has major problems. Major traffic in Dayton, bad road issues thruout Liberty County due to over loaded trucks. Now we’re allowing subdivisions to be built where traffic will be much worst. I want to be a volunteer on this strategy plan team. City of Dayton can’t even keep a City Manager, REALLY!

  2. Oh where to start. Road issues, dayton traffic, speed limits that NOBODY can seem to follow on 146 between hardin and liberty (80mph or 40 mph). Pretty much everything Erie has stated plus more.

  3. Politicians are elected to represent the citizens of the community in a positive way and convey there wishes. Not continually raise our taxes and over value our properties to the point we cant afford to pay our tax’s and have to sell our property. In Liberty the City likes to take the best retail/commercial property and turn it into a City property thus losing a big portion of the tax base. Where’s the sense in that? Meanwhile the roads are in bad shape ditches are unkept. People driving through town like there in a race and no law in sight ever between 530am and 530pm. And what about all the drug addicts on bikes riding through town and hanging out in front of the businesses in town. Liberty has always been special because its a small town with a Main Street and every body used to be friendly and neighborly. Now its expanding in every direction bringing in people that are not friendly or neighborly. I remember when we used to have a Bowling Alley and a movie theatre.What happened? Now why cant Liberty attract some businesses to cater to the people of the area. Just saying!

    • Cleveland is going the same way. They just want more money for fancy Schools and Admin. buildings. Reality COs selling land and homes at a very high price is driving taxes and values up.

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