Opening of I-69 widening project in Cleveland delayed

Traffic backed up on US 59 in Cleveland is a familiar site for those who frequently travel the roadway.

Tired of construction-related delays while traveling along US 59/I-69 in Cleveland? Well, it may be a few more months before construction is finished despite the Texas Department of Transportation previously promising that the roadway would be open by the end of 2022.

The $108 million project to widen US 59/I-69, from the Montgomery County line to the San Jacinto County line, will result in three lanes of travel – both northbound and southbound – with service roads on each side of the freeway.

According to Sarah Dupree, a spokesperson for TxDOT’s Beaumont Region, the delays are being blamed on weather and the supply chain.

“We have had a little bit of an issue getting the materials we need to finish. It’s something we are facing all across the region,” Dupree said.

Aside from a shortage in materials, contractors and TxDOT engineers also are retesting some concrete samples to ensure they meet the design specifications.

Recent rains and the freeze seen in December, along with the holiday season, caused more delays, Dupree said.

“Contractors were only able to work about half of the month of December,” she said.

As of now, Dupree said TxDOT has not set a firm date for opening but suggests that it will be sometime in spring 2023.


  1. I call BS on that . If they had all the supplies and all the man power in the world it would be no different. Road construction is known to be a business that is super slow, thereby earning the contractor more money, making people rich, paying for the kickbacks, on and on .

  2. I agree with the BS comment,In October the project manager said end of December then just last week the project manager said end of January.Now not working for two weeks because of weather it will take months to make up the two weeks,sounds like the way government works.

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