Mobiloil Credit Union funding new digital scoreboard at Dayton HS gym

Lori Higgins (center), AVP of Mobiloil Credit Union, discusses the credit union's donation of $196,400 to Dayton ISD for a new scoreboard at the Tuesday night board meeting. Standing to the right is Dayton ISD Athletic Director Jeff Nations. To the left is Stacey Herrington, who manages the Dayton Mobiloil Credit Union branch on SH 146 S.

Dayton High School is excited to announce a major donation of $196,400 from Mobiloil Credit Union. The donation will go toward funding a brand new digital scoreboard for the high school gymnasium. A mock check presentation was made at Tuesday night’s Dayton ISD board meeting.

The new scoreboard is set to be 20-feet long and 7-feet tall, and is designed to feature graphics, advertisements and athlete recognitions, and highlight important moments during games. In addition to the digital scoreboard, the donation is funding a 20-foot scorekeepers table as well as a 13-foot static, digital screen that will be positioned next to the scorekeepers table.

Jeff Nations, athletic director for Dayton ISD, said the District is proud to be partnering with Mobiloil Credit Union.

Dayton ISD trustees, Athletic Director Jeff Nations, Superintendent Dr. Jessica Johnson hold up the mock check for $196,400 that was donated by Mobiloil Credit Union to Dayton ISD for a new scoreboard at the high school gym.

“Working with Mobiloil Credit Union has been an incredible opportunity for us. We are super excited about the partnership and the scoreboard,” he said. “We will use the scoreboard for games and other activities in the gym. It’s just another avenue for our audio-visual class that we have built with Mr. Chris Rayburn to show off their talents. Mr. Rayburn and his class have already done some great things for the District.”

The digital scoreboard will be the first of its kind in a Liberty County high school gym, though Nation also points out that the digital scoreboard at the gym, as well as the one at the high school stadium, already have Dayton ISD in a league of its own in the area.

“No other school has one in Liberty County. We will be one of the only school districts in the area with a digital scoreboard in the gym,” Nations said.

The new scoreboard is expected to be installed over the spring break.

“Unfortunately it will be installed after basketball season, but it will be ready in time for the next volleyball season in August,” Nations said.

Lori Higgins, AVP of Mobiloil Credit Union, added, “Mobiloil Credit Union is proud to support Bronco sports, pep rallies and all other activities held at the gym.”

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