Dayton Bronco football team nominated for prestigious sportsmanship award

Dayton HS Head Football Coach Blake Ware and Quarterback Carson Horton will represent the District on Jan. 26 at an awards ceremony in Houston. The football team has been nominated for the sportsmanship award.

The Dayton Bronco Football team has been nominated for the Houston TD Club Comerica Bank Sportsmanship Award presented by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

On January 26, at a luncheon at the Bayou City Event Center, the Broncos will be represented by Head Coach Blake Ware and QB Carson Horton. 

“This is a great honor for the Bronco team and coaches because, to be a finalist, you have to be recognized and nominated by an official who has worked one of the varsity games, and then voted on to be a finalist.  This is the first time the Bronco football team has been nominated for this particular award,” said Dayton ISD Athletic Director Jeff Nations. “I am extremely proud of Coach Ware, our coaches, and our Bronco football team.”

Nations knows the dedication, time, and effort that all of them put into this past season. 

“To be honored with this nomination means a lot to our coaches and players because they spend a lot of time talking and preaching about being a good person and having a great character in the face of adversity,” Nations said.

The nomination is proof that the life lessons are having an impact on the players, who are using them in the most stressful of situations, he added.

“Good luck to the Broncos and congratulations on the nomination of a great award,” he said.

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