Dayton Rotary Club hears great opportunities for students

PIctured left to right are Dr. Luke Chachere, Marshall Garvin (Grandson), Veterinary Technicians: Katherine Freitas, Sydney Schreiber and Candice Pope.

The Dayton Rotary Club recently learned about some great opportunities for high school and college students.

Local veterinarian and Rotary member, Dr. Luke Chachere, presented the program with the help of some of his Veterinary Technicians-Katherine Freitas, Sydney Schreiber, and Candice Pope. The topic was the Shadowing Program that is available to students.

“We have a strong passion for educating our youth as they are the future of our community and profession,” said Dr. Chachere.

The shadowing program is for high school and college students who have an interest in veterinary medicine. It also gives hours for certified veterinary assistant (CVA).The students watch and shadow the veterinarians and veterinary technicians. They usually come for a half or full day once a week but they also have an option to come two days a week during the holiday season and/or summer break.

Requirements include:

  • Must be 16 years old
  • Must go through an interview process
  • Punctuality is a must
  • Professional dress and grooming is required
  • Professional conduct

Chachere Veterinary Clinic provides shadowing programs for veterinary school externs, veterinary technician students and for high school students interested in going into the profession. The externs receive more hands-on experience and can receive college credit. Veterinary students come for 1-4 weeks while the veterinary technicians are part of an 8-week program.

It was also noted that the Chachere Clinic hosts the out of town student externs by providing housing while shadowing in Dayton. After some question-and-answer time for the technicians and Dr. Chachere, President Rachel Ansley led the Rotarians in the 4-Way Test.

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