Cleveland cell phone repair store employee accused of sending customer’s illicit pics to himself

Cleveland Police Department arrested a 26-year-old employee of Gadget Cure Cell Phone Repair after he allegedly forwarded a customer’s illicit photos and videos to his own cell phone.

According to Detective John Shaver, an 18-year-old female customer went to the store, located at 426 W. Southline, on Feb. 22, to get a cell phone screen repaired. Shaver said she provided the access code to the technician making the repairs and then went to shop at Walmart while she waited for it to be repaired.

Less than a half-hour later, she began receiving alerts on her Apple watch, which was connected to her phone, after 65 photos and five videos of an intimate nature were sent to an unknown phone number.

Shaver said that raised a red flag for the customer, so she returned immediately to the cell phone repair shop and retrieved her phone, which was still unrepaired.

“These were photos she had taken of herself and sent to her ex-boyfriend. She immediately came to Cleveland Police Department to file a complaint, then went home and started doing some digging of her own. She was able to find out that the phone number was registered to Jonathan Petrushansky, the technician at the store. When I met with her a few days later after the case was assigned to me, she turned over that information. I was able to confirm the same thing – the phone number belonged to the technician,” Shaver said.

In continuing his investigation, Shaver went to Petrushansky’s house in Porter.

“The owner of the store answered the door. It turns out that the owner of the store is the brother of our suspect. They live together in Porter. He informed me that they had reached out to the girl and came to some kind of agreement that they would fix her cell phone for free and give her $500 if she agreed to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Part of the terms was that they would fire the guy, but they didn’t fire him. He was back working in Cleveland,” Shaver said.

Shaver is concerned the young woman’s images might have been uploaded to cloud storage or an external storage where they could be shared with others.

“The brother of our suspect said he dug through Mr. Petrushansky’s phone and couldn’t find the images and videos, but there is no way of knowing where they ended up,” said Shaver. “During his interview with us, he admitted to it, but claimed he had accidentally forwarded these images and videos to himself.”

Petrushansky was arrested and charged with Invasive Visual Recording – a state jail felony. He is being held in the Liberty County Jail on a $20,000 bond.

Gadget Cure Cell Phone Repair has three locations – New Caney, Humble and Cleveland. Shaver is concerned that there might be other victims and is asking anyone with information about this case to contact him at Cleveland Police Department by calling 281-592-2622.

Shaver said the best way to protect yourself from being a victim in such cases is to not take the images and videos in the first place.

“Don’t take those kinds of explicit photos, and definitely do not forward them to anyone else. Once you send them to someone else, there is no way to get them back,” he said.

Bluebonnet News contacted Gadget Cure Cell Phone Repair for comment. A person claiming to be the owner, Daniel Petrushansky, responded to say that he has since fired his brother, though he claims the charges against Jonathan are false.

“He has an attorney right now. They are trying to fix the situation because police did not document things accurately,” he said. He claims that Bluebonnet News should have been unable to post an article about this case because of the non-disclosure agreement; however, criminal charges are public information despite a private agreement between parties.


  1. Knowing that she had these pictures and videos on her phone she gave a stranger( phone repair man) her pass code to her phone and even left the phone with the stranger. I’m happy this guy got arrested but she needs to make some smarter decisions.

  2. I don’t understand how you can put this article out when you do not know the federal law. according to the federal law anybody that has a nude photo on their phone according to the FCC is against FCC legalities. Anybody that has nude photos of themselves on the phone you have to ask the question why. Sex traffickers will tell you it so they can get people to look at them and sex them. A person that is normal and saying does not do this they are both guilty. And they both should be looked at. She was not innocent she knew going to have her cell phone repaired would reveal anything on her phone. She is not that stupid. But just like the news media you guys are a bunch of ignorant people That do not get the truth. Because you do not know the law. She is guilty and she will be proven guilty.

  3. Hello everyone in the Cleveland community first of all we would like to begin with a public apology, on what has occurred, these type of actions are unacceptable in our company as have we have a zero tolerance to invade customer privacy.
    We don’t not ask for passcodes unless the customers provide them which are to be used for testing purposes only after installation of new parts have been placed, normally we test the device when customer arrives on the scene but can delay repair times if parts are defective and we have to reinstall again. to prevent situations like this we have decided to only test customers devices when they arrive so they may put their information / passcode on at their own will and they may test it themselves even if it has problems later on we do offer warranty on every repair,as we know times may be delayed but we are more concerned about protecting our customers privacy. We are still not 100% details on what exactly occurred at location but would like to inform the public that all the stores are independently owned by different franchisee owners that are not related to this location the brother that is mentioned in this article is not a business owner at this location he is only a manager at the store who has no ownership in the business and was attempting to de escalate the situation without our consent. We ask the public community of Cleveland to please remember the good experiences y’all have had with us in the past in servicing many devices. This location has been here for a few years now with zero incidents that have ever occurred like this with most of our customer having had great experiences with our services, as our goal has always been help people save money so they do not have to buy a new device. Again we deeply apologies to our Cleveland community this is not what our company represents and what we strive for in our service , we only care about helping our customers, we hope that this negative feedback does not impact y’all’s decision to do business with us as we can only control so much of people actions and decisions they make. We have hired an entirely new team since we heard of this and have changed our procedure in doing business to protect our customers . Again we are deeply sorry and we thank you all for taking your time to read this comment we hope that y’all may give us the opportunity to still service y’all again in the future our sincerest apologies.

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